2 - Activities At Mekosha

What excursions can I take part in at Mekosha?

A list of site seeing options have been provided on this page https://mekosha.com/excursions/  

Is there shopping in the vicinity?

Yes, the town of Attingal has a quaint bazaar where you would find the opportunity to shop. Spices, sarees, fabric, coffee, thaalis, they are all available. Please speak to the front desk for more information and to organize a trip.

Are there spiritual activities?

In terms of spiritual activities, we are surrounded by nearly 7 temples within a 2 km radius, out of which 3 are within walking distance from the retreat. A couple of these temples every evening do a lamp lighting ceremony … Read More

What food should I expect at Mekosha?

Our restaurant has Ayurvedic inspired cuisine with a curated menu for each week based on seasonality and based on doctor’s consultation and guest’s type of body. Our chef makes wholesome healthy cuisine, with a focus on getting your radiance back … Read More

What are the yoga & meditations classes at Mekosha like?

Yoga & meditation sessions take place either in a cool studio or on the banks of the river surrounded by the sound of bird-song in lush greenery or by the roof top spa at the break of dawn. Mekosha’s yoga … Read More

Are there places to go for walks and be in nature?

There are plenty of places to walk around the property including long walk way path along the river, nature walks, village walks & temple walks. Please ask our front office for more information.

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