4 - More Details About Mekosha

What kind of holistic treatment is provided at Mekosha?

For physical wellness, Mekosha’s Ayurvedic treatments including therapies, food and yoga come into play. The property supports this through the in-suite treatment areas, spa area, comfy provided clothes, many places to do yoga and long walk-way paths. For mental wellness, … Read More

What is Mekosha’s location like?

Mekosha’s location is tucked away in lush greenery with singing birds right by the banks of a lazy river. This, combined with our bamboo groves where gentle winds make the leaves sway, an organic garden where passion fruits, berries and … Read More

What is Mekosha’s property like?

Mekosha’s décor is one of contemporary and understated elegance. Our owner was responsible for commissioning The Manor, India’s first boutique hotel, in its current avatar and so, Mekosha has been designed to be a wellness boutique hotel with the same … Read More

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