1 - Most Common Questions

Full day program at Mekosha?

A typical day program at Mekosha could look as such: Wake up post a full nights rest to your morning detoxifying juice or special paani – this helps in cleansing your body of toxins in preparation for your day Many … Read More

Is Wi-Fi provided at the property?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi at the property. We use Jio Wi-Fi dongles – they are not always the fastest connection; however they work well to manage basic emails and messages to friends and family.

Is there a pool at the property?

Yes, we have a pool at the property with seating and towels available for you to use.

What room types are at Mekosha?

There is only 1 room type at Mekosha – all our rooms are suites, each with their own private treatment area.

How far are you from the sea/ ocean?

Mekosha has around 400 m river frontage, this river within around 3 kilometers turns into the sea. Varkala, one of India’s best white sand beaches with gorgeous cliff-top views is 20 minutes away from us.

What clothing should I carry? Are toileteries provided at Mekosha?

At Mekosha, the ambiance is completely relaxed. It is recommended to carry loose, cotton clothing for daily wear. A pair of comfortable running shoes for walks. Attire that allows you to participate in yoga. A light robe shall be provided … Read More

Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?

For all stays above 7 nights, airport transfers are included. For stays below 7 nights, there is a nominal charge (same as the taxi fare). Once we are provided with your arrival flight number, our chauffeur shall be at the … Read More

What is the difference between Unlimited Ayurveda & Classic Ayurveda?

Unlimited Ayurveda is highly recommended for the following guests: Those that are staying for a short period of time, so they can get more out of their time at Mekosha. More treatments aid your transformation and your healing journey. Those … Read More

Is Mekosha meant for solo female travelers?

Mekosha is a safe haven, and we have a lot of single women frequenting our location for our welcoming ambiance, holistic environment, peaceful surroundings and loving staff – we have even hosted Women’s Only Retreats at Mekosha. We are sure … Read More

Does the resort only serve vegetarian or do we have the option of eating non-veg as well?

While Ayurveda encourages vegetarian, it does not prescribe it – instead it focuses on the right balance of food as we do at Mekosha too. We do have non-vegetarian options available at Mekosha – our focus is simply on good, … Read More

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