The Ayurvedic Treatment (Abyangam) is a sweet procedure to loosen up the body and the brain, and a substantial assistance to reestablish the psychophysical balance through moderate and sweet developments which give a worldwide sentiment of prosperity.
The ayurvedic knead builds up the harmony between psyche, body and soul. The ayurvedic treatment can have additionally a depleting impact, authorizes the muscle tone, unwinds and is powerful for clutters identified with strain, for example, rest issue, tiredness, cerebral pain, tension, apprehension.

How Does Abyangam Treatment Work?

Abhyangam is a gentle massage on the forehead, head, neck, and shoulders so the oil formulation on these parts of the body take effect.

What are Abyangam Treatment Benefits?

. Improves blood circulation and facilitates the removal of toxins from the tissues.
. Relieves physical and mental Fatigue.
. Reduces muscle Stiffness and Pain. Lubricates the joints and thus reduces Pain and Inflammation of joints.
. Abhyangam also reduces Stiffness, Tightness, Spasm in the muscle and       increases the blood circulation to the muscle.
. Increases mental relaxation and promotes better sleep.
. Nourishes the skin and improves its texture.

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