A typical day program at Mekosha could look as such:

Wake up post a full nights rest to your morning detoxifying juice or special paani – this helps in cleansing your body of toxins in preparation for your day

Many of our guests then choose to go for a walk along the river or in the village along paddy fields.

Following this is breakfast, after which you would complete your morning therapy, then lunch. Your free time between these could be spent by picking up a book from your personal in-suite library and enjoy reading by the bamboo grove or other spots along the property. You could even get another therapy in the afternoon post-lunch.

In the evening we have yoga and meditation classes, at various spots on the property, after which you can have dinner, and retire to your rooms for a good night’s rest (highly recommended after a day full of therapies, yoga or excursions).

Besides these, you can choose to take a dip in the pool, learn Ayurveda cooking classes, do a fishing excursion, explore Kerala’s culture and arts, take a trip to Verkala beach or even do a river cruise amongst many other options.

Mainly, Mekosha offers bespoke transformation – which means that while we are working on specific therapies tailored to your treatment plan & body needs, we allow you to customize your plans and timings according to your needs.

How do the treatments at Mekosha work?”

Upon your arrival the doctor would conduct a consultation with you, he would understand your prakriti (i.e. your body’s metabolic constitution, composition, “dosha”, and natural tendencies) as well as your vikruti (i.e. your ailments, your imbalances, your pains and symptoms). He would then create a customized treatment plan depending on your requirement, your duration of stay and your intensity of ailment. This treatment plan can include a long list of Ayurvedic treatments – each will have tweaks depending on what is needed. The list of possible treatments includes: https://mekosha.com/ayurvedictreatments/ – you would also have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor treatments that you are interested in, and if feasible it can be included. For e.g. some guests want to feel a lot of relaxation so request more abhyangam massages.