Our restaurant has Ayurvedic inspired cuisine with a curated menu for each week based on seasonality and based on doctor’s consultation and guest’s type of body.

Our chef makes wholesome healthy cuisine, with a focus on getting your radiance back and having your energy levels soar, not just losing weight and toning up your muscles. Our flavors are never bland, and we make each of our meals with the purpose of delighting and satiating our guests.

Each meal is freshly prepared for each guest at the time the meal is requested – one would never find a buffet at Mekosha.

Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced or from our own organic garden. We supplement our menu with fresh pressed juices, and healthy “paani” to detoxify and reenergize you.

All meals are cooked keeping in mind foods that balance all three doshas – a Tridoshic Cuisine that helps enhancing your Ayurveda treatment plan.

Non vegetarian foods are available through an a la carte menu. You are expected to take the permission of the doctor, so the items consumed do not clash with your treatment.

Truly – Mekosha’s food is a culinary experience that imbibes the best of Ayurveda.