Mekosha’s location is tucked away in lush greenery with singing birds right by the banks of a lazy river. This, combined with our bamboo groves where gentle winds make the leaves sway, an organic garden where passion fruits, berries and figs are aplenty and ready for plucking and long walkways traversing the foliage along the river – all makes guests leave their fast-paced, rushed lives behind and truly enjoy “life in the slow lane”.

Our location also provides guests with a chance to arrive on the property from our jetty, go fishing and boating and participate in bird watching. The surrounding localities are full of temples with beautiful lamp lighting ceremonies, and also provide our guests a chance to get in touch with true rural lifestyle.

Being in Kerala opens up opportunities to watch cultural and dance performances for the art-inclined, visit museums and historic sites for the intellectuals and explore beaches, hiking trails, waterfalls and backwaters for the adventurous.