Mekosha’s décor is one of contemporary and understated elegance. Our owner was responsible for commissioning The Manor, India’s first boutique hotel, in its current avatar and so, Mekosha has been designed to be a wellness boutique hotel with the same spine of understated elegance.

Mekosha has used handcrafted teakwood all through the retreat – all of the handcrafted work (including wooden wall installations and unique furniture) was made by local artists and carpenters. The stone work done around the property was locally sourced material and one of the many art pieces (the “Hand of God”) was created by a local Kerala sculptor from the town of Attingal.

This combination of wood, toned down colors, straight clean cut lines that are gentle on the eyes, with token accents and art pieces sourced locally from Kerala artists make our interiors minimalist and classy.

In line with our wellness objective, our classic designs and clean finishing provides a calm and serene environment that allows our guests’ minds to rest.