It is the tenets of Ayurveda, a 3,000 year old Indian health science, that guides us to offer you fresh, invigorating, healing and restorative cuisine at ‘Aamala’, your dining room.

The cuisine at Mekosha is tailored to help you with your healing journey, and you are welcome to choose customizations to your meal. We focus on getting your radiance back and having your energy levels soar, not just losing weight and toning up your muscles. This kind of an all-inclusive dining experience provides for a fully immersive programme in which you are free to focus on what matters most – getting healthy and feeling fit – rather than picking items through a long menu list.

Our chef states ‘Eating according to your individual character, having a proper routine and  moderation – ideally portion sizes that fit into a fist – are the key ingredients for a great healthy life’. Join him on an Ayurvedic culinary experience as he prepares delicious meals using healthy and high quality ingredients – maintaining, and often enhancing, flavours – across a range of breakfasts, meals and beverages.

We highly encourage putting on a chef hat and asking him to teach you so you can take the right recipes back home with you. Our kitchen is open to you so you can continue your healing journey at home!


Nutrition is called “the great medicine” in Ayurveda. A wholesome, well-balanced diet is the foundation of health, strength and happiness for both mind and body.

The cuisine at Mekosha keeps in mind the following guiding principles.


Inspired Invigorating, Healing and Restorative cuisine.

Innovative experiences

The joy of preparing meals which delight the senses and are healthy is the pillar of the program.

Completely inclusive

A range of breakfast, beverages and meals complete the selection.


Mekosha’s organic plot isn’t massive, yet this tiny space is home to a variety of vegetables and herbs which are all used in the kitchen.

Learn Ayurveda cooking

Enroll and enjoy the benefits of healthy cooking. Make these learnings a part of your daily life.

Communal table

An inviting setting, a great meal and a chance to meet people from all over the world.


Our chef uses the most healthy and only the best local ingredients in their dishes.


We are of the firm belief that healthy eating is definitely positive and transforming.

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