Choose from some of the most popular healing packages. Each package comes with stay in a luxurious suite, a doctor’s consultation, therapies administered in your in-suite spa, all meals, yoga/ meditation classes and much more. If you need help deciding which package is right for you – write to us at [email protected]!

The team at Mekosha, including our resident physicians, therapists and chefs work very closely with you to ensure that you get your desired results from your time with us.

Most Common Questions

Full day program at Mekosha?

A typical day program at Mekosha could look as such:

Wake up post a full nights rest to your morning detoxifying juice or special paani – this helps in cleansing your body of toxins in preparation for your day

Many of our guests then choose to go for a walk along the river or in the village along paddy fields.

Following this is breakfast, after which you would complete your morning therapy, then lunch. Your free time between these could be spent by picking up a book from your personal in-suite library and enjoy reading by the bamboo grove or other spots along the property. You could even get another therapy in the afternoon post-lunch.

In the evening we have yoga and meditation classes, at various spots on the property, after which you can have dinner, and retire to your rooms for a good night’s rest (highly recommended after a day full of therapies, yoga or excursions).

Besides these, you can choose to take a dip in the pool, learn Ayurveda cooking classes, do a fishing excursion, explore Kerala’s culture and arts, take a trip to Verkala beach or even do a river cruise amongst many other options.

Mainly, Mekosha offers bespoke transformation – which means that while we are working on specific therapies tailored to your treatment plan & body needs, we allow you to customize your plans and timings according to your needs.

How do the treatments at Mekosha work?

Upon your arrival the doctor would conduct a consultation with you, he would understand your prakriti (i.e. your body’s metabolic constitution, composition, “dosha”, and natural tendencies) as well as your vikruti (i.e. your ailments, your imbalances, your pains and symptoms). He would then create a customized treatment plan depending on your requirement, your duration of stay and your intensity of ailment. This treatment plan can include a long list of Ayurvedic treatments – each will have tweaks depending on what is needed. The list of possible treatments includes: – you would also have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor treatments that you are interested in, and if feasible it can be included. For e.g. some guests want to feel a lot of relaxation so request more abhyangam massages.

Is Wi-Fi provided at the property?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi at the property. We use Jio Wi-Fi dongles – they are not always the fastest connection; however they work well to manage basic emails and messages to friends and family.

Is there a pool at the property?

Yes, we have a pool at the property with seating and towels available for you to use.

What room types are at Mekosha?

There is only 1 room type at Mekosha – all our rooms are suites, each with their own private treatment area.

How far are you from the sea/ ocean?

Mekosha has around 400 m river frontage, this river within around 3 kilometers turns into the sea. Varkala, one of India’s best white sand beaches with gorgeous cliff-top views is 20 minutes away from us.

What clothing should I carry? Are toileteries provided at Mekosha?

At Mekosha, the ambiance is completely relaxed. It is recommended to carry loose, cotton clothing for daily wear. A pair of comfortable running shoes for walks. Attire that allows you to participate in yoga. A light robe shall be provided for your Ayurveda treatments. The aim is to be comfortable and unconstrained. Toiletries & towels are provided.

Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?

For all stays above 7 nights, airport transfers are included. For stays below 7 nights, there is a nominal charge (same as the taxi fare). Once we are provided with your arrival flight number, our chauffeur shall be at the airport terminal with a sign board holding your name.

What is the difference between Unlimited Ayurveda & Classic Ayurveda?

Unlimited Ayurveda is highly recommended for the following guests:

  • Those that are staying for a short period of time, so they can get more out of their time at Mekosha. More treatments aid your transformation and your healing journey.
  • Those that have multiple ailments of a severe nature
  • Those that would like the ultimate pampering experience, with multiple massages each day, more hands-on approach from the doctor.
    For those that do not fall into these categories, the Classic Ayurveda or other packages work well

Is Mekosha meant for solo female travelers?

Mekosha is a safe haven, and we have a lot of single women frequenting our location for our welcoming ambiance, holistic environment, peaceful surroundings and loving staff – we have even hosted Women’s Only Retreats at Mekosha. We are sure you will find your stay with us especially positive for your body, mind and soul.

Does the resort only serve vegetarian or do we have the option of eating non-veg as well?

While Ayurveda encourages vegetarian, it does not prescribe it – instead it focuses on the right balance of food as we do at Mekosha too. We do have non-vegetarian options available at Mekosha – our focus is simply on good, clean, healthy eating. On occasion, our chef has even taken guest inputs and made special preparations.

Would a 21-night stay have more effect than a 7-night stay?

In all honesty, absolutely, yes. It will give you more time to clear your toxins and to get more effect from the therapies. Something we always tell our guests is that your wellness journey could possibly start at Mekosha, but must continue after your stay with us too. So, take time to learn the right habits and carry them forward to your routine. The longer you spend with us, the more the effect & the more the chances of taking good habits back with you.

However, having said that, we understand that life gets busy, and so we try to make sure that our 7 night package teaches you and gives you all it can in a shorter span of time.

Do you have facilities for differently abled guests?

Our elevator connects all rooms to each other, making the property handicap accessible.

Activities At Mekosha

What excursions can I take part in at Mekosha?

A list of site seeing options have been provided on this page

Is there shopping in the vicinity?

Yes, the town of Attingal has a quaint bazaar where you would find the opportunity to shop. Spices, sarees, fabric, coffee, thaalis, they are all available. Please speak to the front desk for more information and to organize a trip.

Are there spiritual activities?

In terms of spiritual activities, we are surrounded by nearly 7 temples within a 2 km radius, out of which 3 are within walking distance from the retreat. A couple of these temples every evening do a lamp lighting ceremony which is a treat to witness. Further, we have yoga and meditation classes at various nooks of the property. Also, each suite has a personal library, so you can grab a book, go for a walk and introspect.

What food should I expect at Mekosha?

Our restaurant has Ayurvedic inspired cuisine with a curated menu for each week based on seasonality and based on doctor’s consultation and guest’s type of body.

Our chef makes wholesome healthy cuisine, with a focus on getting your radiance back and having your energy levels soar, not just losing weight and toning up your muscles. Our flavors are never bland, and we make each of our meals with the purpose of delighting and satiating our guests.

Each meal is freshly prepared for each guest at the time the meal is requested – one would never find a buffet at Mekosha.

Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced or from our own organic garden. We supplement our menu with fresh pressed juices, and healthy “paani” to detoxify and reenergize you.

All meals are cooked keeping in mind foods that balance all three doshas – a Tridoshic Cuisine that helps enhancing your Ayurveda treatment plan.

Non vegetarian foods are available through an a la carte menu. You are expected to take the permission of the doctor, so the items consumed do not clash with your treatment.

Truly – Mekosha’s food is a culinary experience that imbibes the best of Ayurveda.

What are the yoga & meditations classes at Mekosha like?

Yoga & meditation sessions take place either in a cool studio or on the banks of the river surrounded by the sound of bird-song in lush greenery or by the roof top spa at the break of dawn. Mekosha’s yoga instructor practices yoga postures best meant for your body type, with the aim of improving your identified ailments, through basic hatha yoga. For special/ more advanced yoga, you may speak to the front office and we can organize it for you

Are there places to go for walks and be in nature?

There are plenty of places to walk around the property including long walk way path along the river, nature walks, village walks & temple walks. Please ask our front office for more information.

About Our Spasuites (Mekosha’s Only Room Type)

What is a Spasuite?

Mekosha is the first of its kind property with Spasuites. A Spasuite is our proprietary suite – each suite comes equipped with a treatment area of its own, a meditation zone and a personal library. The suite is appointed with what you need to relax and look inwards. A mat and Dhyana beads are provided in your drawers to use during your stay.

What are the amenities available in the suite?

All 11 rooms are suites of 600 sq ft, the décor is all handcrafted teak with classy, minimalist finishing, and amenities include:

  • Marshalls Bluetooth speaker
  • Private library
  • Desk area
  • Lounger with foot stool
  • Full length mirror
  • Meditation zone
  • In suite- private treatment/ spa area
  • Pool view
  • River view
  • Greenery all around – planters etc.
  • Bathroom equipped with all amenities of a 5 star

Are all Spasuites airconditioned?

Yes, all our Spasuites are airconditioned.

More Details About Mekosha

What kind of holistic treatment is provided at Mekosha?

For physical wellness, Mekosha’s Ayurvedic treatments including therapies, food and yoga come into play. The property supports this through the in-suite treatment areas, spa area, comfy provided clothes, many places to do yoga and long walk-way paths.

For mental wellness, Mekosha provides a sanctuary from daily stresses, a calming and peaceful environment and happy staff that’s ever present to assist the guest in the way the guest needs. Checking in is made extremely easy and there is no thought given to spending any more money after you have made your booking as everything is included. The property supports this as it is tucked away by the riverside & is made using clean, soothing & elegant interiors.

For spiritual wellness, our yoga, meditation and ambience with no Wi-Fi, no TV and private libraries gives guests a true chance at switching off and reconnecting with themselves. The property’s bamboo grove, greenery and surrounding birds give guests a chance to connect with nature and introspect.

What is Mekosha’s location like?

Mekosha’s location is tucked away in lush greenery with singing birds right by the banks of a lazy river. This, combined with our bamboo groves where gentle winds make the leaves sway, an organic garden where passion fruits, berries and figs are aplenty and ready for plucking and long walkways traversing the foliage along the river – all makes guests leave their fast-paced, rushed lives behind and truly enjoy “life in the slow lane”.

Our location also provides guests with a chance to arrive on the property from our jetty, go fishing and boating and participate in bird watching. The surrounding localities are full of temples with beautiful lamp lighting ceremonies, and also provide our guests a chance to get in touch with true rural lifestyle.

What is Mekosha’s property like?

Mekosha’s décor is one of contemporary and understated elegance. Our owner was responsible for commissioning The Manor, India’s first boutique hotel, in its current avatar and so, Mekosha has been designed to be a wellness boutique hotel with the same spine of understated elegance.

Mekosha has used handcrafted teakwood all through the retreat – all of the handcrafted work (including wooden wall installations and unique furniture) was made by local artists and carpenters. The stone work done around the property was locally sourced material and one of the many art pieces (the “Hand of God”) was created by a local Kerala sculptor from the town of Attingal.

This combination of wood, toned down colors, straight clean cut lines that are gentle on the eyes, with token accents and art pieces sourced locally from Kerala artists make our interiors minimalist and classy.

In line with our wellness objective, our classic designs and clean finishing provides a calm and serene environment that allows our guests’ minds to rest.

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