A pioneer in Personalized & Proactive Health, Mekosha is proud to be India’s first Ayurveda Retreat to offer a spectrum of Online AI led assessments, doctor’s consultations and 100% Natural Botanicals for at home use, combined with Immersive, Transformative Health Programs at its retreats.

At Mekosha, we imagine a world where everyone treats their health in a personalized, proactive & natural manner. We achieve this through combining the 5,000 year old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Modern medicine.

Mekosha is derived from the Sanskrit word Kosha, usually rendered “sheath”, which is a covering of the Atman, or Self according to Vedantic philosophy. Combined with “Me”, the name recognizes that each person is truly unique.

Welcome to Mekosha – here, we celebrate this uniqueness in you.


Mekosha, Kerala is proud to be India’s first Luxury Ayurveda Resort & Retreat offering a Bespoke Wellness Regime, All-Inclusive Wellness Experience right from the comfort of your Spasuite’s In-Suite Treatment Area. Learn more about our retreats, packages and accommodation.


Our Ayurvedic Resort is the only place that offers “Bespoke Transformation” i.e. a completely customizable, all-inclusive Ayurvedic program. We encourage your therapies, dining & sleep to be at the time that works best for your body.


Our Ayurvedic Resort encourages looking within to feel the calmness of yogic practices that go hand in hand with Ayurveda. Following Ayurvedic principles, but without limiting the palate to bland flavours, each meal at Mekosha is expertly curated by 5-star chefs, freshly cooked using organic ingredients & can be personalized to your taste. Yoga, meditation & dining is included in all Ayurveda retreat packages.


Everything your body touches, consumes & interacts with has a lasting impact on your health. Mekosha & its quality-controlled handpicked partner brands provide bodycare & nutraceuticals, meant for you after understanding your body. Start a health assessment for the right recommendation or head directly to our shop.


For a limited time, a free report, tailor made with recommendations for your overall health & immunity. Built by medical healthcare experts from US, Canada & India. Telemedicine consultations with our experts are available on request.


Each meal by Mekosha’s brand Yogavide is made treating food as delicious and proactive medicine. Learn Ayurvedic cooking and become an Ayurveda chef by joining the Yogavide Culinary Institute, located at our retreat in Kerala.


Deciding to embark on the journey of learning Ayurveda is the same as embarking on a journey to learn more about yourself. Mekosha offers a free course on Ayurveda for anyone wishing to adopt a truly balancing and blissful way of life.

Rediscover nature

What customers are saying


As rated by over 1,000s of guests & patients

Between managing work, home and family, I was super stressed. I used Mekosha products after coming back from the peaceful tucked away location of Mekosha in Kerala. I felt so good. I always think of Mekosha as my place of healing and their immunity powder has helped me a lot.

Smriti Ahluwalia, Mumbai

I was suffering from skin disorders and my confidence was affected. My husband and I went and got a detox at Mekosha. The doctor gave me a lot of confidence and not only did my skin get better but I felt soooo destressed by the end of it all.. thank you Mekosha

Riya Menon, Singapore

I feel happier. I loved Mekosha not only because they were very good but also because everyone there is very professional and so very kind. I feel they genuinely cared about me and put their hearts into what they did. Those looking for an amazing Ayurvedic experience, this place will stay with you forever.

Melisa Hill, Sydney

Mekosha is a modern ayurvedic clinic. Everything during the Unlimitid package was great. Accommodation clean and new, all as on photos on the website. Treatments were perfect. All staff are very friendly and mainly professionals. Thanks for all and I recommend Mekosha for all

Lucia Malíčková, Slovakia

A treat for the body, mind, spirit and soul. Beyond that, the, small number of rooms, personal attention and caring staff make this a nourishing experience that you will remember for life, health and wellness.

Keith Fiveson, New York

We stayed here 17 days with unlimited treatments.Everything about Mekosha is exactly like the pictures. Very beautiful place. I give more than 5 stars.

Ida Charlotte Oxenvad Salomonsson, Copenhagen

What a great experience. I had 7 day stay, long enough for a reboot. Wonderful treatments from the friendliest and smiliest people in the world. Great food. Lovely rooms. Beautiful location. The transformation of guests arriving stressed and jet lagged into happy smiley people is fantastic. Thank you and I will be back.

Chris Paton

Love this place. Exudes warmth, care and joy. All the staff are friendly, caring and do their level best to ensure you have a great stay.

Indira Nair, Malaysia

Super recommend!Treatment is good, people are nice and hospitality are fabulous.Very quiet place.If you need a rest, this hotel indulge your body.凄くおススメ!日本人見かけません。皆んなホスピタリティーが高く、ゲストファーストです。静かなロケーションで、ご飯が美味しい。

Yumi Adachi, Japan

I’d recommend Mekosha: Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat in Kerala for its gourmet meals as per Ayurvedic principles, unlimited massages & sylvan surroundings

Ankita Shreeram, Mumbai

Mekosha offers a holistic wellness experience by treating all your senses.The idea that one could strive towards a healthy body by striking a balance among massage, exercise, yoga, mindfulness, rest, pampering along with the healthy food was a revelation to me.I would recommend Mekosha to anyone and everyone who is seeking a mindful vacation around […]

Ruby Singh

This is a place where you are actively encouraged to shut out the world and unplug. Stay for several weeks on a panchakarma programme of cleansing, purging and rejuvenation and the results are apparently even more profound and long-lasting.

Kerry Walker, OMOTG Magazine

Panel of experts

At Mekosha, we are extremely selective about our panel of experts. Each expert is handpicked and is the best in their respective field.
Our experts include Ayurvedic & Allopathy doctors, wellness practitioners, nutritionists, organic farmers & hoteliers.

Dr. Maneesh S

Dr. Maneesh S is an authority in the field of traditional style of Ayurvedic treatment. With over 10 years of expertise and a proven track record of classical style of treatment, he has treated patients with chronic & complicated diseases as well as delivered numerous lectures on Ayurveda.

Dr. Sheetal Sethi

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Sheetal is a life coach and guru to many. She is an expert in women’s health, diabetes, obesity, lifestyle, sciatica, spinology and any nerve-related disorder. She has administered numerous panchkarmas and even specializes in telemedicine consultations.

Dr. Manisha Jadhav

A strong believer in “Prevention is better than cure”, Dr. Manisha has 10 years of experience. A specialist in Gynaecology incl. treating In-fertility & PCOD patients & an expert in Musculoskeletal disorders, Obesity & Hair/Skin Care therapies.

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