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Between managing work, home and family, I was super stressed. I used Mekosha products after coming back from the peaceful tucked away location of Mekosha in Kerala. I felt so good. I always think of Mekosha as my place of healing and their immunity powder has helped me a lot.

Smriti Ahluwalia, Mumbai

I was suffering from skin disorders and my confidence was affected. My husband and I went and got a detox at Mekosha. The doctor gave me a lot of confidence and not only did my skin get better but I felt soooo destressed by the end of it all.. thank you Mekosha

Riya Menon, Singapore

I feel happier. I loved Mekosha not only because they were very good but also because everyone there is very professional and so very kind. I feel they genuinely cared about me and put their hearts into what they did. Those looking for an amazing Ayurvedic experience, this place will stay with you forever.

Melisa Hill, Sydney

Mekosha is a modern ayurvedic clinic. Everything during the Unlimitid package was great. Accommodation clean and new, all as on photos on the website. Treatments were perfect. All staff are very friendly and mainly professionals. Thanks for all and I recommend Mekosha for all

Lucia Malíčková, Slovakia

A treat for the body, mind, spirit and soul. Beyond that, the, small number of rooms, personal attention and caring staff make this a nourishing experience that you will remember for life, health and wellness.

Keith Fiveson, New York

We stayed here 17 days with unlimited treatments.Everything about Mekosha is exactly like the pictures. Very beautiful place. I give more than 5 stars.

Ida Charlotte Oxenvad Salomonsson, Copenhagen

What a great experience. I had 7 day stay, long enough for a reboot. Wonderful treatments from the friendliest and smiliest people in the world. Great food. Lovely rooms. Beautiful location. The transformation of guests arriving stressed and jet lagged into happy smiley people is fantastic. Thank you and I will be back.

Chris Paton

Love this place. Exudes warmth, care and joy. All the staff are friendly, caring and do their level best to ensure you have a great stay.

Indira Nair, Malaysia

Super recommend!Treatment is good, people are nice and hospitality are fabulous.Very quiet place.If you need a rest, this hotel indulge your body.凄くおススメ!日本人見かけません。皆んなホスピタリティーが高く、ゲストファーストです。静かなロケーションで、ご飯が美味しい。

Yumi Adachi, Japan

I’d recommend Mekosha: Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat in Kerala for its gourmet meals as per Ayurvedic principles, unlimited massages & sylvan surroundings

Ankita Shreeram, Mumbai

Panel of experts

At Mekosha, we are extremely selective about our panel of experts. Each expert is handpicked and is the best in their respective field.
Our experts include Ayurvedic & Allopathy doctors, wellness practitioners, nutritionists, organic farmers & hoteliers.

Dr. Maneesh S

Dr. Maneesh S is an authority in the field of traditional style of Ayurvedic treatment. With over 10 years of expertise and a proven track record of classical style of treatment, he has treated patients with chronic & complicated diseases as well as delivered numerous lectures on Ayurveda.

Dr. Sheetal Sethi

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Sheetal is a life coach and guru to many. She is an expert in women’s health, diabetes, obesity, lifestyle, sciatica, spinology and any nerve-related disorder. She has administered numerous panchkarmas and even specializes in telemedicine consultations.

Dr. Manisha Jadhav

A strong believer in “Prevention is better than cure”, Dr. Manisha has 10 years of experience. A specialist in Gynaecology incl. treating In-fertility & PCOD patients & an expert in Musculoskeletal disorders, Obesity & Hair/Skin Care therapies.

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Ayurvedic Steps to a Healthy Weight Loss

| Aug 07 |

Crash diets and quick fixes can be found everywhere to keep weight off. Most of these promise ‘14 day diet plans to lose belly fat’ or ‘getting slimmer in two weeks’, and are hailed to show instant results. Unfortunately, these are unsustainable and carry long-term disadvantages.   Weight loss efforts should be steady and sustainable.  […]

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Meditation and Weight Loss

| Aug 03 |

Have you ever hit that weight loss plateau? Despise your best efforts, you somehow stop losing weight or end up gaining it back. This is a common problem when you lose track of your goals.  Meditation is a miracle tool which can help you indirectly achieve such changes. It treats your mind as a muscle. […]

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Three Tips for Chronic Fatigue

| Jul 29 |

Do you face extreme tiredness or lethargy regularly? This is one of the biggest symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or adrenal fatigue syndrome (AFS). Fortunately, the ancient Indian science of healing, Ayurveda, can provide you with immediate tips and support your path to recovery.  Severe fatigue is often the result of imbalance of […]

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Course Outline: Starting Your Ayurveda Course

| Jul 24 |

Welcome to Ayurveda Learning with Mekosha Ayurveda. We are ever so happy to be a part of your Ayurvedic journey. This course has been created for those who want to understand Ayurvedic Theories & Practical Applications from experts in the field of Ayurveda. Our panel of doctors and experts, that have contributed to make this […]

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| Jul 24 |

1.1 What is Ayurveda? The term ‘Ayurveda’ must have crossed your path at least once in life. It is a Sanskrit word, which can be broken into the words Ayur, meaning life, and Veda, meaning science, literally translating to mean ‘the science of life’. This 5,000 year old tradition was passed on from masters to […]

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| Jul 24 |

2.1: Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta (The 5 Elements of the Universe) 2.1.1: Ether or Akasha “Akasha” in Sanskrit means all-enclosing, omnipresent or all-pervasive. Ether is the space or area within which all objects in the universe exist. It is one of the subtlest items in the universe with mystical qualities. The manifestation of ether and energy is […]

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| Jul 24 |

3.1 Tridosha Siddhanta Your dosha is essential to your bodily composition. Twentieth century literature suggests the “Three-Dosha Theory“, which talks about how different times of the day, dietary habits, and seasons can influence these doshas. According to Ayurveda, health exists when there is a balance between the three fundamental elements or doshas – Vata, Pitta, […]

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| Jul 24 |

4.1 What is a Guna? THE SANSKRIT WORD GUNA IS TRANSLATED AS “QUALITY, PECULIARITY, ATTRIBUTE, OR TENDENCY. The term guna is an element, or tattva of reality that can affect our psychological and emotional condition. These originated through Sankhya philosophy which saw gunas as an essential component of the universe. They continue to hold importance […]

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| Jul 24 |

5.1 Defining Koshas THE SANSKRIT TERM ‘KOSHA’ MEANS ‘SHEATH’. AYURVEDIC PHILOSOPHY TERMS IT AS THE ATMAN OR SELF. THE 5 KOSHAS IN THE BODY ARE SIMILAR TO LAYERS OF AN ONION. As you move from the outer layers to the inner layers, you get deeper into the core of self being. You eventually discover that […]

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| Jul 24 |

6.1 What is Dhatu? DHATU, A SANSKRIT WORD, REFERS TO THE SEVEN BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE PHYSICAL BODY. THE SEVEN DHATUS IN THE BODY ARE COLLECTIVELY KNOWN AS SAPTADHATU. Dhatus are a layer or stratum associated with the tissues of the body. They actively support the structure of the body and its functioning aids in […]

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