For physical wellness, Mekosha’s Ayurvedic treatments including therapies, food and yoga come into play. The property supports this through the in-suite treatment areas, spa area, comfy provided clothes, many places to do yoga and long walk-way paths.

For mental wellness, Mekosha provides a sanctuary from daily stresses, a calming and peaceful environment and happy staff that’s ever present to assist the guest in the way the guest needs. Checking in is made extremely easy and there is no thought given to spending any more money after you have made your booking as everything is included. The property supports this as it is tucked away by the riverside & is made using clean, soothing & elegant interiors.

For spiritual wellness, our yoga, meditation and ambience with no Wi-Fi, no TV and private libraries gives guests a true chance at switching off and reconnecting with themselves. The property’s bamboo grove, greenery and surrounding birds give guests a chance to connect with nature and introspect.