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Started in the laps of Kerala, Mekosha Ayurveda Retreat brings to you “Mekosha Shampoo”, a pure & herbal Ayurvedic preparation that contains our specialized blend of Henna, Tulsi, Soya & Aloe vera. For long and strong hair.


Soya A protein-rich legume which provides nourishment to the scalp, prevents baldness, and improves hair texture.

Henna Henna - Also known as Hina, this natural ingredient helps condition hair and maintain scalp health, strengthens and repairs hair, and helps maintain scalp pH.

Tulsi An integral part of Indian culture, this herb is extremely useful for clearing dandruff, and promoting beautiful, lustrous, and healthy hair gowth.

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5 reviews for Mekosha Shampoo

  1. Nishit Sharma

    I have been using this product for quite sometime now and I must say that the quality of the product has been very consistent.

  2. Kishore

    It makes you hair soft and smooth. Highly recommended

  3. Anjali

    Nice product for anti- dandruff. I have been using this for months.

  4. Priyanka Rawal

    This product is awesome.use it thrice a week for a good result. it’s fragrance is favourable. My hair is smooth and fall decrease . I have been use this shampoo for 1 month.

  5. Anubhav Singh

    One of the best Henna and Tulsi shampoo. Which is so soothing and comes with natural ingredients which gives nourishment to hair. A must buy product

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