How Ayurvedic Treatments Can Help You Lose Weight Fast And Correctly

You have probably tried a lot of ways to lose weight fast but have failed. One of the main reasons for failing to lose weight fast is the fact that people only focus on a single task like only controlling diet or working out. Surely, dieting or working out alone will help losing weight, but that does not happen fast!
The best thing to do for weight loss is to take a multipronged approach. One that does not go to any extremes, no starvation and no excesses. Your body would thank you!

Why Should I Follow Ayurvedic Treatments For Weight Loss?

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the type of body a person has and gives specific treatment accordingly so that one can have the best results out of it. According to Ayurveda, there are three body types. Let’s have a look:
1. Vata – The kind of people who have a flat chest, skinny figure, less muscle development, and visible joints and veins. It’s not likely for them to suffer from obesity except for belly fat.

Pitta – The type of people with a slender body, moderate muscle development, soft skin, silky hair, proper metabolism, and average height are considered to have a Pitta body.

Kapha – The type of people with excessive weight, proper muscle development, a thick layer of skin, expanded, and oily skin. People with a Kapha figure are likely to suffer from obesity. They need to maintain a strict diet and do exercise for losing weight.

After you figure your body type, let’s look at the ayurvedic ways of losing weight fast:
1. A Perfect Ayurvedic Diet
There are different ayurvedic diet plans for weight loss for different types of bodies that have been mentioned. A perfect ayurvedic diet means you should do your best to maintain it. But before that, you need to be aware of mindful eating. People were able to have success through 14 days diet plan to lose belly fat with ayurvedic diet, but they had developed a conscious eating manner.
So, what is mindful eating? Basically, it is the habit of being focused on your food while you are eating. Sometimes, we are eating while watching TV or surfing through the web from our mobile phones. The issue it creates is you stay unaware of how many foods you are pushing inside your stomach.
As you develop a mindful eating manner, follow these diets:


These types of bodies need starchy vegetables and whole grains. People with Vata body type should always have a little bit of oil and food that increases their metabolism. Overeating and eating fried food is not recommended.

Green vegetables and raw salads are the most recommended food for Pitta. People with such body types should always stick to a healthy eating routine and do not go outside of the method. Sugar is very bad for Pitta’s body type. They should also avoid oily food.

Vegetable juices, whole grains, steamed vegetables, spices, beans are good for Kapha body. Avoiding sugar and milk is highly recommended. Even sweet fruits are not supported. People with Kapha type bodies may have a high craving towards oily and junk food, and that is why they also need to work on their mental control.
Having said above – it is very important to note that just because you are a kapha, you do not eat foods that are good for pitta. The best diet to follow is actually the Tridosha diet mainly because all of us have all three doshas, in varying proportions.
Things to remember while doing the Tridoshic diet:
• Focus on only your food while eating and do not sit near the TV or use a mobile phone.
• Avoid eating large amounts of food in a short time and eat slowly as you focus on the taste of the food.
• Avoid red meat, dairy products, smoking, alcohol, sweet products, junk, and leftover food.
• Avoid excess.
• Avoid startvation.

Drinking water the right way

Water is required for our body as it has an essential impact on the metabolism system. A good tip is drinking warm water as it relaxes our muscles and helps to lose weight. Also, drinking water while eating is helpful as it helps to moisten. Avoid drinking water right before or right after eating. Give it at least an hour so that you can get the best out of your meal.
A good tip is drinking warm water as it relaxes our muscles and helps to lose weight

2. A controlled daily routine
Losing fat fast is not only about the food you are eating. You need to make sure enough calories are being used by your body as a source of energy for your task. If you are really determined to lose weight fast, you should have a controlled daily routine. Follow these instructions:
• Wake up early in the morning (before 6 am).
• Forty minutes per day of exercise (you can also try a different way which is mentioned below).
• Have a light breakfast with healthy food, and avoid eating oily food at breakfast.
• Eat as your body’s requirement for lunch and make it your primary meal of the day.
• Eat as little as possible for dinner, and take your dinner early at night.
• Avoid taking naps during the daytime.
• Take a short walk after meals.
• Drink water every day after waking up.
• Take herbal products.
• Eat timely and avoid taking meals too late at night.
Fasting once a week is perfect for your metabolism and will also help losing weight. Daily routine, including exercises, should be followed as much as possible. You may think that not following your regular weight loss routine for only one day won’t be that big of an issue, but it has a profound psychological effect. So always refrain from straying away from your routine as it forms an essential part of habit creation.

3. Body activity
Yoga and exercise are required for fast weight loss. You can either try the regular body exercises or doing yoga every day.
Surya namaskar (sun-salutations) for 10 minutes every morning is excellent for losing belly fat
There are a good number of yoga exercises for losing belly fat. Generally, doing Surya namaskar (sun salutations) for 10 minutes every morning is excellent for losing belly fat. You can also practice the following positions for losing weight:
• Naukasana – Boat pose
• Dhanurasana – Bow pose
• Ardha matsyendrasana – Half lord of the fishes pose
• Matsyasana – Fish pose
• Ardha halasana – half plow pose
• Bhujangasana – Cobra pose

Pranayama, or breathing exercise, is something you should know to get the best out of yoga or generally losing weight. The oxygen you take by your breath burns calories. For losing weight fast, three types of breathing exercises are recommended.
1. Bhastrika pranayama – Extended inhale and exhale. 2.5 seconds for each inhalation and exhalation.
2. Kapalbhati pranayama – Deep inhalation and rapid exhalation.
3. Surya bhedi pranayama – The practice of breathing while holding the right nostril.

For losing weight, the best exercises are walking and running. Every morning, 30-minute jogging is perfect for losing belly fat. Yes, just simple running and walking.

It is recommended to get a hold of your weight before your obesity develops other health issues. Ayurvedic treatment is the most natural way of losing weight fast, and if one is determined enough to lose excessive fat, they need to follow the routine thoroughly. To know about it more, check out Kerala ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

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