Mekosha ranked #1 Among 11 Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Resorts

It’s been an amazing month here at Mekosha. Above all, we’ve been awarded the highest rank (#1) among the rejuvenating Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala for all budgets. The state of Kerala is humid and abundant with medicinal plants and herbs. Thus, this forms as an ideal hub for Ayurvedic resorts. This gives you a unique getaway by combining health and leisure.

However, not all experiences across resorts are equal. In other words, some administer their treatments simply better than others. The Ayurvedic treatments among the top-end resorts, for instance, pay close attention to quality customer care and fine tune services as per their needs. It is an honour for Mekosha to receive the highest ranking by tripsavy, amongst these respects.

Extract from tripsavy on Ranked #1 Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Resorts

“Mekosha was born near Trivandrum in early 2018. It brings a notable new concept to India, namely that of in-suite spas and unlimited massages. You read that right! In other words, and to clarify, you can go for as many massages as you want and opt for them wherever you please. That’s not all. Each 600 square-foot guest suite has as adjoining private treatment area and balcony. Above all, these give you a magnificent view of the swimming pool and balcony.

Guests are spoilt for choices of traditional Ayurvedic treatments, administered by doctors and according to personal tastes. Further, you may also opt for international treatments, such as a Swedish massages. Alternatively, we recommend a foot massage by the river – it’s very much possible! Most importantly, remember that this is a multi sensory experience. Therefore, take in the sound of the trees swaying and birds chirping for a holistic healing experience.

Of course, Ayurveda goes beyond just massages. Food, for instance, is a pillar of both nutrition and joy. Along these lines, Mekosha offers guests the chance to learn the basics of Ayurvedic cuisine. At Mekosha, guests can learn how to cook Ayurvedic cuisine. Most importantly, these use fresh and local ingredients to appeal to senses. Moreover, the communal dining hall create a spirit of community while dining.

In conclusion, the experience at Mekosha is warm and refreshing. From food to massages, your stay will immerse you in nature and yet connect you to your soul. So, be sure to check out various Ayurvedic treatment packages at Mekosha. Rates begin at 110 euros ($135/8,800 rupees) per night, inclusive of meals, massages, yoga, and meditation.

You can read the entire tripsavy post ‘Mekosha Ranked #1 Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala’ over here. 

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