Moksha at Mekosha Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat: A Guest Review

Kerala’s Mekosha Ayurveda Spasuits Retreat stands as a powerful testimony to state’s natural surroundings. In other words, it represents the connection humankind holds to the earth and natural surroundings. Our property invokes each of your senses – through a meandering river, lush greenery, and blue skies. Further, our organic spice and vegetable garden can delight you during mealtimes.

Above all, the resort seamlessly integrates both modern and traditional elements. While it may feel like a yesteryear’s ashram of the rishis, it however hosts all the luxe amenities of a modern resort. Through these facilities, we wish to share the abundance of joy and rejuvenation of Ayurveda. For these reasons, we are thrilled to welcome guests to help them revitalise and recover from their hectic lifestyles. Further, it is an honour to have guests themselves share positive experiences of their time here with us.

The term ‘Moksha’ is a sanskrit one. It denotes a breakthrough from the cycles of birth and death. Thus, various religions associate this with liberation, emancipation, and release. The Ayurvedic experience looks at both physical and mental cleansing, which is why it is resembles Moksha.

This article covers the experience of Ms. Nandini Sarkar shares her Moksha experience at Mekosha. after spending her time at our resort.

Ms. Nandini Sarkar’s Moksha Experience at Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat

“I began 2018 in a recharged and refreshed state. However, the first two months were those of ceaseless travel. Thus, the dangerous signs of another body breakdown were on the horizon. At this time, my dear friend Mamta was an angel in disguise. Her husband, Ram, is a well-known hotelier and one of the movers behind the Michelin-starred restaurant, Indian Accents, in Delhi. In addition, he had recently launched Mekosha, an Ayurvedic boutique spa and resort, just off Trivandrum in Kerala.” 

She continues: “Mamta and Ram graciously invited me here. This gave me a chance to unwind through healing Ayurvedic massages and take in the beauty of the resort. Further, the suites were just perfect. These are tastefully designed with eco-friendly designs, artifacts, and materials. They additionally house a large veranda which overlooks the river and clusters of trees.

Similarly, there are heaps of seating points all over the three-acre property where you can just plunge into the heart of nature. For instance, I especially enjoyed the expansive green river, gently arching trees, and cooing birds. Moreover, there were yoga and meditation sessions by the riverside as well. In summery, each of these were a holistic healing experience for my body and mind.”

The Mekosha Experience

Ms Nandini speaks of her Mekosha experience in terms of prayers, massages, meals, and the natural surroundings of the resort.

Prayers and Massage

“Mekosha offers a bouquet of Ayurvedic massages and healing treatments. Best of all, these are a part of the room package. On arrival and settling down, we we led to the spa centre for a healing massage. My masseur, Shaiji, a gentle smiling Amazonian, gave me a wonderful spiritual experience along with the message. She was a devotee of Shri Karunakar Guru, founder of the famous Shanthigiri Ashram in Trivandrum. As a result, this reinforced her positive energy by chanting throughout the massage.

“Next, Shaiji lit a lamp and chanted to Dhanwantari, the God of medicine at the outset. After that, she proceeds to chant various invocations to the guru during the the one-and-a-half-hour full body massage. Through the experience, I felt an aura of positive energy radiate and spread within. Thus, in this manner, I really embodied the spirit of Moksha at Mekosha.

Proceeding the massage, I entered the quaint wooden chamber at the end of the massage. Here, there was a typical Kerala washroom with brass tubs, mugs, and a sink to scrub the body. Brass and copper, among other alloys, contain healing properties for the skin. For instance, it amplifies energy, creates bodily balance, and stabilises metabolism. Further, it contains essential antimicrobial properties which kill germs. Thus, this was indeed a clever way to incorporate an age-old Ayurvedic practice into a modern day healing package.


Finally, we proceeded to eat. Mealtimes at Mekosha are an organic and culinary delight. We were offered brass plates and bowls, organic salads and juices, all of which were a culinary delight.

For instance, the brass plates and bowls, organic salads and juices to begin any meal with were a gourmet’s delight. Further, the beetroot and oat soup, the tasty local curries, and the lighter than light uthappams gave us a taste of regional cuisine. We also chose to sit on the portico by the riverside and eat our meals. That in itself was a heavenly experience.”

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