October 2020

| Oct 26 |

Ayurvedic Oils for Skin Health

Skincare is an essential part of health and well being. Fortunately, You can find multiple over-the-counter serums and creams for skin health. However, many of these are contain chemicals and preservatives which can irritate your skin. Also, these do not easily break down and can harm the environment. Ayurveda provides all-natural ingredients that works in […]

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| Oct 23 |

Honey Ginger Remedy for Weight Loss and Immunity

  Ayurveda can give you a healthy and robust Agni (digestive fire) through local and seasonal ingredients. Honey and ginger and are two examples. Their individual properties together to magnify its effects on your immune and digestive systems. For this reason, honey ginger recipes are a timeless feel-good remedy. Honey has numerous medical uses. Hence, […]

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| Oct 19 |

Three Ayurvedic Remedies for Flu Prevention 

The flu is a common viral infection which attacks your respiratory system. It is most common in the winter and monsoon, when microbial matter in the air transfers quickly. Fortunately, a strong immunity can keep you illness-free. You can reap these benefits through the Indian science of healing, Ayurveda. Be sure to practice these preventative […]

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| Oct 14 |

Four Ayurvedic Immunity Boosting Foods

All human beings require a strong immune system to stay disease free. It is weak at birth and develops with microbial interaction. The pandemic has made human beings further vulnerable to pathogens. Hence, we need to fight of smaller sicknesses to keep the viruses at bay. Ayurveda, the Indian natural school of science, houses an […]

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