Spiritual writing that has no caste, creed or religion, only morals and virtues – these curated write ups come straight from the soul.

| Sep 03 |

Learnings from Meditation

The pandemic has halted many distractions of our lives. Social distancing has made everyday interactions feel like history. For instance, most group meetings convert a real person as a small head shot and an unseen voice. Our homes are a place of both work and leisure. Many of my friends have turned to practice meditation during these times […]

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| Aug 19 |

Recognising the Self

Defining the Self Have you ever wondered what constitutes the self? Is it your body, mind, desire, or emotions? The self is the foundation of human existence. This is a whole and all-encompassing concept which comprises of what we think, see, and imagine. By this explanation, you cannot limit the self to any one part […]

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