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| Aug 07 |

Ayurvedic Steps to a Healthy Weight Loss

Crash diets and quick fixes can be found everywhere to keep weight off. Most of these promise ‘14 day diet plans to lose belly fat’ or ‘getting slimmer in two weeks’, and are hailed to show instant results. Unfortunately, these are unsustainable and carry long-term disadvantages.   Weight loss efforts should be steady and sustainable.  […]

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| Aug 03 |

Meditation and Weight Loss

Have you ever hit that weight loss plateau? Despise your best efforts, you somehow stop losing weight or end up gaining it back. This is a common problem when you lose track of your goals.  Meditation is a miracle tool which can help you indirectly achieve such changes. It treats your mind as a muscle. […]

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| Jul 29 |

Three Tips for Chronic Fatigue

Do you face extreme tiredness or lethargy regularly? This is one of the biggest symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or adrenal fatigue syndrome (AFS). Fortunately, the ancient Indian science of healing, Ayurveda, can provide you with immediate tips and support your path to recovery.  Severe fatigue is often the result of imbalance of […]

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| Jul 23 |

Lose Belly Fat The Ayurveda Way

You can’t live a healthy life if you’re overweight or obese. Unfortunately, our urban lifestyles are rampant breeding grounds for those extra kilos. Desk jobs, packaged food, vehicular transportation and little to no open spaces are often to blame. Haven’t you opted for a sugary soda when you were thirsty, or not thought twice before […]

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| Apr 29 |

5 Ayurvedic Skincare Tips that will make your skin glow

Ayurveda is a perfect combination of art and science for natural beauty. It is an art of living that inspires us to lead a healthy life. Ayurvedic skincare is different from any other beauty treatment. In Ayurveda, it is all about inner wellness which will then reflect a healthy glow on your skin. This 5000 years old […]

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| Apr 23 |

Curing Hyperthyroidism through Ayurveda

  The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck. It ensures that our bodies utilize energy effectively so that organs may function effectively. The self-immunity system keeps a regular check on thyroid glands, ensuring regular hormone production. Hyperthyroidism is a condition by which one’s thyroid glands produce more hormones than required, as […]

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| Apr 06 |

Six Steps to Naturally Improve Your Immunity

Ayurveda has a deep connection with immunity. It labels the latter as beej-bhumi, meaning seed and land. This theory compares the human body to land and infections to seeds. Just as seeds grow or sprout when provided with fertile land, the toxins and lack of Ojas in our body provide an ideal breeding ground for […]

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| Feb 18 |

Skin Marma Points of the Face and their Importance in Health and Wellness

What are the marma points? In its etymological meaning, the word marma comes from the Sanskrit word mri meaning death. Marma can also mean hidden or secret. These are points that are located at specific anatomical sites which are usually intersection between bones, joints, arteries, and tendons. Marma points are usually found in places like […]

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| Feb 11 |

Can Ayurvedic Treatment Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its joints. It creates an inflammation that causes the tissue in the lining of the inside of the joint which we also refer to as synovium and can result in swelling in and out of the join. If this […]

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