Shuchita Srivastava

Shuchita Srivastava (aka Shuchisri) is an MBA graduate, certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, and fitness consultant, and has been practicing yoga for 8+ years. She celebrates being a women, daughter, sister, wife, and most importantly, a mother. Her passion for yoga led to the formation of Suchbliss. Such bliss emphasises on a holistic way of living. It is a platform that puts you on the path to overall well being. through caring for your body. mind, emotions and soul. It works in partnership with your goals by bringing a spark into the most important aspect of life - your health and wellness.

| Aug 10 |

Four Yoga Asanas Explained Through Images With Suchbliss

Starting a yoga course can be intimidating for beginners. Fortunately, we have you covered with these four simple yoga asanas. In collaboration with Yogalogy by Suchbliss, we bring you stepwise instructions, pictorials, and the benefits of each asana given below. Sethu Bandasana (Bridge Pose) Tips Take care to not forcefully pull your shoulders away from […]

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