December 2020

| Dec 03 |

6 Proven Restorative Benefits of Olive Oil

Fat is a core component of a balanced diet. It enables long-term energy storage, cell growth, hormone production, and keeping warm. However, it is also true that not all fats equally impact your body. For instance, unsaturated fats reduce the risk of inflammation, heart diseases, and hemorrhage. In addition, it strengthens cell membranes and enables […]

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| Dec 02 |

Understanding Srotamsi: The Body’s Transport System

Our bodies constantly transport nutrients, sensory information, and waste products. Hence, our bodies require channels or paths for their movement. Ayurveda names these as Srotamsi (river or stream) which exists in various forms. For instance, single cells, capillaries, and ducts transport bodily fluids and dissolved gases. In this manner, smaller srotas form larger ones such […]

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