Understanding Srotamsi: The Body’s Transport System

Our bodies constantly transport nutrients, sensory information, and waste products. Hence, our bodies require channels or paths for their movement. Ayurveda names these as Srotamsi (river or stream) which exists in various forms. For instance, single cells, capillaries, and ducts transport bodily fluids and dissolved gases. In this manner, smaller srotas form larger ones such as the gastrointestinal tract or maha sorts.

Every srota constitutes a root, passage, and opening. This structure helps the smooth and efficient flow of content. However, disturbances of this flow may result from blockages, deficiency, or excessiveness of flow. Alternatively, it may result when content flow travels into the wrong passage. Your srotas function best with the optimal balance of Vata, pitta, and Kapha doshas. These keep the srotamsi energetic and healthy, which thus ensures weight loss.

The srota Drishti are four types of srota imbalances. First, Antipravatti occurs when channels overflow and can cause diarrhea or vomiting. Second, Sanga occurs when excessive tissues of toxins block the system (for instance with constipation or blood clots). Third, Sira Granthi occurs due to an unwanted outgrowth, such as with tumors or diverticulosis. Finally, Vimarga Gamanam occurs when content flows in the channel or direction, such as during nose bleeds.

Ayurveda identifies sixteen types of srotas in the human body. These can help you understand the mechanisms of your body in detail. Further, you will be able to pinpoint certain types of bold ailments including their root cause. Thus, understanding the passage of minerals, nutrients, and toxins throughout your body is the first step to adequate wellness.


1. Anna Vaha Srotas

This carries food and nutrients and thus relies on the stomach as a controlling organ. You may aggravate this through untimely or untimely meals, excessive quantities, or poor digestive strength. Subsequently, it manifests through appetite loss. Therefore, you must include plenty of fluids, fiber, and vitamins in your diet for these srotas to function effectively.

2. Prana Vaha Srotas

This functions through the heart and alimentary tract and carries breath and vitality. It may malfunction due to a poor diet, suppressing natural urges, or exercising on an empty stomach or while hungry. Moreover, it manifests through prolonged, restricted, and shallow breath. For instance, asthma is a condition which many associates with prana malfunctioning. Try to regularly practice meditation and breathing techniques to keep it healthy.

3. Ambhu Vaha Srotas

The palate and pancreas serve as controlling organs of these sorts, which transports water and fluids throughout the body. Thirst, heat, indigestion, excessively dry food, or alcohol can cause its aggravation. Thus, certain signs such as the dryness of the lips, palate, and tongue imply malfunctioning. So, be sure to eat nourishing food and stay well-hydrated for these srotas to function effectively.

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4. Rasa Vaha Srotas

This srotas carries chyle, lymph, and plasma, and depends on the heart (and ten connected vessels) for smooth functioning. You may aggravate it through heavy, cold, or unappetizing food, or stress. Therefore, practice distressing techniques such as yoga or meditation. Further, consume hot, fresh, and well-cooked food to enable this srota to function effectively.

5. Rakta Vaha Srotas

This srotas carries blood (especially hemoglobin) and thus relies on the liver and spleen. Factors of irritation can include hot or unctuous food, as well as excessive heat exposure. As a result, it may cause skin diseases, bleeding, abscesses, as well as anal and genital inflammation. Be sure to include plenty of cooling and hydrating foods in your diet. In addition, alternatively, take cool water showers if you live in a hot region.

6. Mamsa vaha srotas

This helps to carry fat tissue content and rests upon the kidneys and omentum for its functioning. You may provoke this by low exercise levels or excessively fatty food and alcohol. Over time, you may face urinary ailments and/or diabetes. Therefore, be sure to exercise sufficiently and break a sweat. Moreover, limit your intake of rich sweets or deep-fried foods.

7. Asthi vaha srotas

This delivers nutrients to the bone tissue and relies on the hipbone as a controlling organ. It can face illnesses through excessive exercise (causing bone friction) as well as ingestion of Vayu-producing food. As a result, it can cause cracking of nails and teeth, bone pain, and poorer hair quality. Be sure to consume calcium-rich foods (eg. milk, cheese, and spinach) to ensure bone health. Similarly, you can opt for calcium supplements under expert advice.

8. Majja Vaha Srotas

This srotas carries nutrients for the bone marrow through the reliance on bones and joints as controlling organs. Some triggering factors include bone marrow injuries and incompatible foods (e.g. fish, milk, honey in hot drinks). Therefore, it can cause joint pain, memory loss, and fainting or blackouts. Opt for spinach, broccoli, and wheatgrass for bone marrow health. Further, take on an Ayurvedic massage to soothe your bone marrow.

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9. Sukra Vaha Srotas / Artava Vaha Srotas

These passages carry the seman (from testicles) or ovum (from ovaries) in male and female bodies respectively. It can aggravate through unnatural, oppressive, or excessive sex. Such practices can thus cause impotency (among men) and infertility and defective pregnancies (in women). Therefore,  healthy sexual practices and hygiene are necessary for the srotas to function effectively.

10. Rajah Vaha Srotas

This srotas functions under the womb, and enables female reproduction. Some causes of its aggravation include spicy food, alcohol, and excessive sexual activity. As a result, it can cause endometriosis, fibroids, and infertility. Make sure to eat dosha-pacifying foods to ensure reproductive health. Most importantly, avoid drugs or smoking.

11. Stanya Vaha Srotas

This passage functions through the breasts or lacrymal ducts and enables lactation. Emotional fluctuation and a poor diet can weaken this passage. Thus, these aggregations may lower breast milk quantity, worsen its taste, or cause mastitis. Make sure to maintain a healthy sleep, dietary, and exercise schedule as preventative measures.

12. Purisha Vaha Srotas

This srota functions through the colon and enables egestion. Constipation, incontinence, or piles are certain aggravating factors. This passage can weaken with the unnecessary enema, dry foods, alcohol, and tenesmus. Further, these may manifest through constipation, incontinence, or piles. Therefore, try adhering to a dosha specific diet for passage health. Above all, include enough fiber and water in your diet.

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13. Mutra Vaha Srotas

This passage functions through the kidneys and bladder and eliminates urine. Intake of excessive salts and dehydration can weaken this passage. Subsequently, these can cause excessive or unnaturally low urine levels, accompanied by a higher frequency. Thus, be sure to hydrate yourself adequately and maintain a mildly flavored diet to prevent such aggravation.

14. Sweda Vaha Srotas

This passage carries sweat and functions through the fat tissue and hair follicles. It can aggravate by negative emotions, excessive exercise, or heat exposure. These manifest through unnaturally high or low sweat levels, skin roughness and burning, and hair erection. Thus, be sure to provide yourself with adequate rest post each workout session. Further, drink enough water to keep your skin healthy.

15. Mano Vaha Srotas

This serves as a channel of the mind depends upon the whole body for regulation. Certain aggregators comprise unprocessed thoughts, nightmares, or head injuries. Moreover, they can manifest through hallucinations, depression, forgetfulness, and poor coordination. Make sure to employ self-meditative techniques (e.g. journaling, talking to a friend, etc.). Further, yoga and meditation can help you direct energy inwards.


Knowledge of the srotamsi is immensely useful to diagnose and cure illnesses. Further, following an Ayurvedic lifestyle can keep srotamsi-related ailments at bay. Do not compromise on your tridoshic balance – this can affect one or more of your srotas functioning. Proper srotas health is essential to shedding excess weight.

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