Recognising the Self

Defining the Self

Have you ever wondered what constitutes the self? Is it your body, mind, desire, or emotions?

The self is the foundation of human existence.

This is a whole and all-encompassing concept which comprises of what we think, see, and imagine. By this explanation, you cannot limit the self to any one part of the body. It is a divine, immovable, ‘supreme’ state which transcends time and space, or birth and death. In other words, it contains the entire universe and even goes beyond infinity.

Many people try to acquire more knowledge to get closer to the self. However, this is a futile method. This is because the self is eternal existence without knowledge. It is a state of bliss independent of the individual. In other words, it is non-materialistic, non-egotistical, and goes beyond a single dimension or ideals of the ‘perfect’ state of happiness.

It is a common mistake to confuse the self, or one’s ‘being’, with their ‘becoming’. The being is free, while illusion is a trap and illusion. Hence, you can reach the true self only by letting go of your material identity. You cannot embrace your true self as long as you attach any identification to your consciousness. You will have to release any superficial divinity to embrace the nature within.

Connecting with the Self

The self was never a part of any activity. Rather, it is the self from which activities are born. Activities are merely a part of the becoming or creation process – performing these will not bridge you to the self. For example, spiritual activities will not take us any further than accommodating our minds to a spiritual state of being. In contrast, the self transcends literal activities and goals.

It is not our ‘doing’ that takes us to the self, but rather our ‘non-doing’ which is the path to eternity.

Divine grace and a powerful will can help you reach the self. In fact, you may have underestimated the power of your will – it can pave your path, open the door to divinity, and will help you attain freedom.

Another common misunderstanding is that the ego, or ‘I’ can reach the self. However, it is this belief that is hindering you from reaching it! Salvation becomes automatic once you drop your ego. Additionally, do keep in mind that the perfect god is in a state of true bliss – only dropping your identity can help you realise it. You will begin to recognise and accept the real self in the process.

To clarify, the notion of ‘I’ is nothing but a thought. This contrasts with the true self, which is exclusive to the former. Try using the metaphor of the sun and darkness. Just as the sky darkens when the sun drops, your true state of the self emerges when your ego ceases to exist. The real self is nothing but pure awareness – utilise the process of meditation under a guru as you undergo this journey.

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Article By:

Aanurag Singh

Aanurag Singh

Aanurag is a facilitator with Yogadham, an initiative that connects yoga, meditation and tantra practices to connect to the self. He holds 16+ years of experience in the yoga field, and is a certified Reiki master, Panchkarma therapist, panic healer, and therapist. His practices move beyond physical movement to discuss spirituality and life force practices. He currently works with an institute as a yoga TTC (Teaching Training Centre) faculty.

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