5 Spiritual Tips for Success

We all want to live fulfilling lives. We can do this by making conscious decisions in light of our values and goals. Further, it is vital to network with those around us to achieve these goals. But to really connect with other people, we have to connect with ourselves first. This is what Ayurveda claims as well – connecting within is just as important as connecting outwards.

Thus, spirituality is an integral facet of wellness. When you believe in a force higher than yourself, it keeps you grounded yet fills you with hope. However, and most importantly, it is important to note that spirituality is a practice rather than ideology. In other words, there rituals and habits you can practice everyday which keep you spiritual. This fulfils your mental health and adds meaning to your life.

No one has become ‘successful’ without a plan. And a plan, further, needs strength in will and implementation. However, you cannot achieve this without sufficient mental and emotional support along the way. Ayurveda and spirituality acts as a guide for this. It provides you with the belief in a higher force who can encourage and motivate you to stay true to your values, thus achieving success.

Here are some foolproof tips to keep you on the path of a healthy spiritual life.

Waking up on Time

As it goes without saying, don’t snooze your alarm clock. Instead, resist the urge to go back to bed and proceed to get ready. Above all, make sure to plan out your morning the night before – what time do you want to wake up the next day? What are your goals? In short, make sure you plan these out so you have an agenda to look forward to the following morning.

Early birds tend to be more productive, happy, healthy, and higher earners. Their first hours of the morning are foundational – in other words, they lay out a plan for the rest of the day. Thus, you will want to choose an activity that energises and rejuvenates you. After that, the rest of your day will simply follow suit.

Maintain a Journal

Journalling is an essential tool for self reflection. This helps you plan and organise your thoughts and ideas. Further, you can reflect on smaller successes and failures of the past to test which ones you would like to work on or reject. Above all, remember that self reflection is a work in process. Failures are simply a part of improvisation – take these into account and move on.

There are a number of journalling styles and practices you can follow. Bullet journalling, for instance, helps you note down your content in short points. Not only is this catchy to the eye, but also does this motivate you to work! Nevertheless, be sure to choose a style that suits your interests.

Be Accountable to Yourself

It is immensely easy to attribute our actions to our surroundings. Heavy traffic, unreasonable employees, and hefty bills are common excuses to shirk our responsibilities. However, step back and reflect a bit. How can you plan and respond to the situation accordingly? This is an essential question to ask so you can take control of success in your own hands.

Further, acknowledging accountability keeps you on the path to your struggles. As you realise your own flaws and mishaps, you simultaneously recognise those supporting you on this journey. In fact, their support is largely a function of this accountability. Remember that they are pillars of success, while it is ultimately your own willpower which drives the situation.

Acknowledge and Embrace Failure

This is one of the most essential components of success. While failure might make you unhappy, it helps you reflect on the process at large too. Did you take any decisions in a rush, for instance? Similarly, did you neglect the opinions of others or certain factors which may have contributed to an unwanted outcome? These questions help you reiterate the process and brings you closer to what you desire.

Often times, we tend to place ourselves at the centre of situations. That is to say that control is reassuring. However, it is essential to expose ourselves to unexpected setbacks or unaccounted factors along the way. During this recognition, we realise that we are often simply a component of the process.

Be Self Aware and Critical

Don’t simply settle for anything! Remember that success lies in both the process and the outcome. Thus, pay close attention to both these factors as you work on your larger goals. It is a matter of exploration – having a vision in mind can help you achieve this.

They say that feedback is the ‘breakfast of champions’ since it brings you closer to perfection. While it is necessary, however, you need not merely accept all of it. Weigh out the pros and cons of feedback you receive with respect to your own self interests. Overall, do not lose track of your larger goal as you evaluate what feedback to reject and receive.

Send out positive energy

Remember that everything in the universe is made of energy. In other words, every atom, molecule, and skin cell of your body emits either positive or negative vibrations. How you feel right now is the primary indicator of the energy you let out to the world. Use physical indicators for this. For instance, relax your shoulders, loosen your muscles, and release any tension in your body – each of these habits will place you in the right frame of mind.

Right from when you wake up, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. The first thoughts are a key indicator to feeling and staying positive. After that, any thoughts following will be an extension of these. Further, make sure to practice gratitude to maintain a positive spirit.


Spirituality is a cornerstone of success. Not only does it keep you grounded, but also affirms belief in a faith higher than yourself. It inculcates feelings of positivity, gratitude, accountability and growth. In summery, this six spirituality tips can guide you towards achieving your long-term goals and visions.

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Article By:

Dr. Muneesh

Dr. Muneesh S

Ayurveda Doctor

Dr. Maneesh S is an authority in the field of traditional style of Ayurvedic treatment. With over 10 years of expertise and a proven track record of classical style of treatment his work has immensely benefited several people all over India and the world. He mastered the Ayurvedic method of treatment from the renowned Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College, Trivandrum. His experience includes working with Somatheeram Resorts, Club Mahindra Resorts and as a Dubai Healthcare City licensed Consultant Physician. He has also traveled extensively across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent collecting medicinal plants to replenish his extensive organic infusions. He has treated patients with chronic and complicated diseases as well as delivered lectures on Ayurveda, partaken in discussions and seminars pertaining to the propagation of various treatment modalities cited in the Ayurveda texts. With his extensive knowledge on various subjects like Sanskrit, Vedas, Mythology, ancient Indian Culture and Classical arts etc., he is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

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