Ayurvedic Panchakarma is a holistic approach to physical and mental health that originated in ancient India. It is based on the principle of cleansing and detoxifying the body to promote balance and well-being and is a vital part of a cleansing and rejuvenating therapy in Ayurvedic medicine.

Panchakarma is typically used to treat imbalances in the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), and is considered an important part of preventative care. The therapy can be used to cleanse the body of toxins, and to improve overall health and well-being.

The Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment

The Panchakarma treatment is divided into three phases –

  1. Poorva Karma

Here, procedures like Snehana, and Swedana are done to open up various channels in your body. Additionally, your body is also prepped for the upcoming stages, using treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Njavarakizhi, etc.

  1. Pradhan Karma

In this phase, you will be made to go through 5 therapies-


Essentially meaning induced vomiting, this stage aims to decongest your respiratory tract as well as remove any Kapha that may be collected in your body. It aims to cure diseases and illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc. 


This step is undertaken to remove any toxins that are accumulated in your gastrointestinal tract through an induced bowel movement. It aims to cure diseases and illnesses like diabetes, skin disorders joint pain, constipation, hyperacidity, headache, etc.

Basti or Vasti 

This stage mainly includes the administration of a medical enema. This is done to cleanse your entire body of toxins and impurities. Additionally, it takes care of any Vata dosha imbalances that you may be going through. It aims to cure diseases and illnesses like neuromuscular disorders, muscular dystrophy, myopathy, digestive ailments, infertility, urinary tract infections, etc.


This is a kind of nasal therapy that cleanses the Kapha dosha accumulations from your head and neck.  It aims to cure diseases and illnesses like ear, nose, and throat disorders, paralysis, insomnia, pre-mature greying of hair, neurological disorders, sinus, stiff neck, etc.


In this step, impure blood is removed from your body and fresh blood is restored, thus cleansing your body. It aims to cure diseases and illnesses like anaemia, leukemia, allergies, tonsillitis, skin diseases, sciatica, etc.

  1. Pashchath Karma

In the last phase, various rejuvenation techniques are achieved through yoga, pranayama, meditation, etc.

What are the benefits of Panchakarma?

  1. It restores digestive fire or metabolic energy.
  2. It enables toxin-free tissues.
  3. It induces balance of the 3 doshas, enabling your body to function at its optimum level.
  4. It is an effective stress buster.
  5. It slows down the aging process.
  6. It enables healthy weight loss.
  7. It aids in body detoxification.
  8. It improves sleeping habits and promotes a healthy diet.
  9. It enhances immunity.
  10. It is the start to a healthy lifestyle.

At Mekosha Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat, we offer you the best Ayurvedic Treatment Packages, of which the Panchakarma Treatment is quite significant. This live-in clinic has many qualified and highly respected Ayurvedic Professionals who perform all treatments after proper consideration of your individual needs. We promise that you will feel rejuvenated and the treatment will get rid of all your diseases and ailments, and you will feel more relaxed than ever by the end of it.

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