7 Incredible Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most powerful herbs trending globally today. While its origins lie in China, the herb rapidly spread throughout Asian countries in the twelfth century. As a result, it eventually spread throughout the world. It is a soothing and warm element which can bring an array of benefits to your mental and physical health.

First, it contains high antioxidant levels. This wards away ageing and oxidative stress. Second, it tackles inflammation and carcinogens. Thus, it prevents breakdown of your bodily cells. Further, it alleviates skin damage and sun burns. These properties form the basis of green tea. In this manner, it can bring both long and short term benefits to your body.

Brain Functioning

Skip that morning cup of coffee and go for hot green tea instead. Research shows that this doesn’t only keep you alert, but enhances productivity as well. This is due to minimal levels of caffeine which works as a stimulant. Thus, it produces an optimal mental response without keeping you restless or fidgety.

In addition to brain function, regular green tea consumption helps long-term brain health. For instance, it can improve mood, reaction time, vigilance and memory. Most importantly, it gives you stable energy levels to be productive. In other words, you respond through a milder and calmer way than you would to coffee.

Breath Freshness

Brain functioning and restoration isn’t the only thing catechins can help you with. These compounds can suppress or kill bacterial growth and thus lowering the risk of infections and mouth staleness. Above all, it can defeat Streptococcus Mutans, which is a dominant strain of oral bacteria. This contributes to plaque formation, cavities, and tooth decay.

Be sure to buy a toothpaste or mouthwash containing green tea. This is a simple method to boost your dental health. Likewise, you can start your day with a hot mug of green tea to freshen your breath. However, remember that this is only a complementary tool. In other words, do not use this as a replacement for your other daily dental hygiene practices.

Mental Elasticity and Anti-Ageing

Who doesn’t want a perfect memory and cognitive functioning? Green tea is a foolproof means to help you achieve this goal. On one hand, better alertness and productivity are inevitable effects of green tea consumption. However, this isn’t the only benefit it offers to your mental strength and functioning.

Green tea supports long-term brain elasticity. For instance, it lowers your risk of acquiring neurodegenerative diseases. First, it protects you from Alzheimer’s, which commonly causes dementia in elders. Second, it does the same with Parkinson’s, which kills dopamine-producing brain cells.

In summery, green tea is rich in catechin compounds which lowers dementia risk.

Fat Burning

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that green tea is an integral element to fat burning supplements. Further, multiple studies demonstrate that it can not just burn fat, but boost metabolism as well. For example, one study proves the ability of green tea to boost fat burn by 10% in those who consume it, as opposed to a control group. Similarly, another study shows a greater fat oxidation rate by 12% in contrast to those consuming a placebo.

In short, caffeine mobilises fatty acids of the fat tissues. After that, this fat content is available for energy use. According to two separate studies, green tea consumption can enhance physical performance by 11-12%. So be sure to stock up on green tea sachets, whether you’re on a diet or training for a marathon.

Lowers Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is a marker of oxidative damage (and thus, inflammation) and uncontrollable cell growth. In addition, organ inflammation can cause various other chronic ailments. In many cases, cancer can return to the body in another form even after treatment.

Green tea is an antioxidant-rich compound which fights inflammation and oxidative stress. Therefore, it reduces the risk of multiple cancer forms. For instance, studies by PubMed Central finds that it can lower rates of both breast cancer (by 20-30%) and advanced prostate cancer. Similarly, an analysis of 29 studies links this to a 42% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Finding green tea too light by itself? Not an issue. Simply add some milk to make this a light and wholesome drink. Moreover, this boosts the antioxidant levels present and only enhances the benefits it brings. However, make sure that you don’t have lactose intolerance or allergies to dairy.

Heart Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most threatening causes of death. However, heart attacks and strokes do not merely occur randomly. These are an accumulation of various long-term lifestyle factors. For instance, factors such as smoking, drinking, or a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk levels. Unfortunately, it is often to late to reverse these root causes at high risk levels.

However, green tea can reduce the rates of such risk factors. First, it reduces overall cholesterol levels (and LDL cholesterol in particular). Second, it increases the antioxidant capacity of your blood. This protects LDL particles from oxidation and keeps heart disease at bay. Along similar lines, studies find that green tea drinkers the risk of heart diseases is 31% lesser in green tea drinkers than others.


Good health is a precursor to a long lifespan. There are a number of studies which correlate the latter with green tea consumption. For instance, one 11-year long Japanese study finds that more frequent green tea drinkers (who drank 5+ cups a day) had longer lifespans. Similarly, another study in the same country finds that green tea drinkers were 76% less likely to die over a course of 6 years.

There are a number of correlated benefits which may contribute to this. For instance, green tea creates an overall improvement to your immune, neural, and metabolic systems. Further, green tea drinkers reportedly follow better long-term lifestyle habits. Thus, it keeps your body functioning in a healthy manner and inevitably contributes to longevity.


Green tea is a fabulous natural wonder which boosts both mental and physical health. It specifically helps with brain functioning and memory, dental health, metabolism, and heart health. Further, it fights oxidative stress and lowers cancer risk. Therefore, it not only  improves life quality but can add years to your lifespan as well. Drink it hot, first thing in the morning, to maximise these benefits.

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