7 Reasons to Include Hibiscus in Your Diet

Hibiscus flowers are popular throughout the world. While Latin terms this Rosasinensi, and Ayurveda calls this the Rosni Phool, their flowers carry a worldwide allure. For these reasons, these serve a decorative function in homes and gardens. Moreover, it serves a valuable medicinal role in Ayurveda. In fact, it contains both physical and mental benefits – this is why it is so popular worldwide.

The flower contains various alkaloids, beta-carotene, glucose and citrus acids, among other compounds. Thus, it treats a variety of conditions across bodily systems. For instance, it can treat an upset stomach, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and fevers. Further, it can cure renal stone formation, as well as respiratory and sedative issues. This isn’t all – the antioxidant activity of the flower can prevent hepatotoxicity as well.

First, choose some dry hibiscus flowers as your base. Meanwhile, set hot water to boil. Then, pouring boiling water over the flowers. Let the petals diffuse their flavour for at least five minutes before you strain them out. Finally, you may sweeten the drink if you wish and then consume it immediately.

You can enjoy your mug of hibiscus tea hot or chilled (as ice tea). Further, you may wish to add a sweetener or citrus juice to balance its tartness. Honey and lemon juice, for instance, make wonderful additions to this drink. However, you might want to skip the honey if you are trying to lose weight – they tea by itself can help you achieve this, though! Following are 7 specific reasons to include this flower in your diet.

High Antioxidant Content

The Hibiscus flower is rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals and thus prevent ageing. It specifically prevents oxidation, which is a chemical change reaction that creates free radicals and sets off oxidative damage. In this manner, they prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other such symptoms of damage and disease. There are a number of studies among both humans and animals which prove these benefits. In short, throw away your anti-wrinkle creams – go for an evening cup of hibiscus tea instead.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure tends to strain and weaken the heart. Thus, it is a leading sign or cardiac disease and distress. Hibiscus flowers carry proven effects in blood pressure reduction. For instance, a study among 65 patients with high blood pressure confirms a decline in systolic blood pressure alone. Similarly, another study finds that hibiscus consumption reduces both systolic and diastolic forms.

However, do not consume this herb alongside hydrochlothiazide. This is a diuretic which reduces blood pressure and can react adversely with the hibiscus flower.

Lowers Blood Lipid Levels

High fat or lipid content is another reason for heart strain. Hibiscus tea is effective in combatting this, as is shown in certain studies. For instance, one study among 60 diabetic patients finds an increase in ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, as well as a reduction in ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Further, overall cholesterol levels went down.

However, more research in this area can help to confirm these findings.

Improves Liver Health

Your liver plays a key role in digestion. For instance, it secretes bile, produces proteins, and breaks down fats. The hibiscus flower further strengthens these functions. First, a study among 19 overweight subjects affirms that its extract improves liver steatosis, which is the accumulation of liver fat. Similarly, a study among rats demonstrates lower results of liver damage. Finally, a third study notes a 65% rise in the concentration of drug detoxifying liver enzymes. In sum, these three features can keep your liver functioning smoothly.

Enables Weight Loss

Various studies affirm greater chances of weight loss with hibiscus extract consumption. First, one study compares its effects across 36 overweight subjects. In contrast to those consuming placebos, subjects consuming the extract reported lower levels of weight, fat, body mass index (BMI), and hip to waist ratio. Similarly, another study reports a drop in body weight levels among obese mice consuming the extract, over a span of 30 days. Thus, be sure to add hibiscus tea to your diet if you struggle with weight management.

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Anti-Cancerous Properties

Simply put, cancer results from uncontrollable cell growth. This is one of the hardest, yet universal diseases to tackle. However, the hibiscus flower contain polyphenols with anti-cancerous properties. This is particularly evident through a number of test tube studies.

First, one study links this to a reduction of cell growth impairment and cancer cell invasiveness. Secondly, another study reports that the leaf extract prevents the spread of human prostate cancer cells. Finally, a third study finds that it inhibits stomach cancer cell growth by 52%. Therefore, there is a definite correlation between cancer cell inhibition and hibiscus extract consumption. However, there is still scope to test the direct effect of hibiscus flower on subjects who have, or at risk of having cancer.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Bactria are unicellular micro-organisms which can serve as both a boon and a bone. On one hand, healthy bacterial flora of various bodily regions (e.g. the skin or gut) is necessary to keep it thriving. However, certain strains can cause infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia,and / or digestive illnesses. The hibiscus flower helps to fight off such strains. For instance, one test tube study shows that the hibiscus inhibits e coli growth, thus lowering digestive irritations such as cramps, gas and diarrhoea.

Similarly, another study proves that the herb fights off eight bacterial strains, and was hence as effective as certain medicines.


The Hibiscus flower is almost like a magical elixir. Not only does it contain such long-term benefits, but also soothes your from the inside. Therefore, it is especially enjoyable during cold winter days. Above all, it is a simple an effective drink to prepare. If you just simply need to unwind – this will refresh and rejuvenate you for the next day. Be sure to practice this long-term alongside healthy lifestyle choices, to entirely reap its benefits.

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