Mekosha Hospitality Opens First Wellness Retreat in India

Mekosha Hospitality has announced the opening of its first wellness retreat in India, Mekosha Trivandrum, situated on the banks of the river Attingal Aaru in Kerala. Mekosha Hospitality Opens First Wellness Retreat manages boutique retreats and hotels inspired by wellness and Ayurveda principles, each designed to reflect its individual location and rooted in local culture and tradition.

Mekosha Hospitality Opens First Wellness Retreat in India

Mekosha Hospitality Opens First Wellness Retreat

Set in a lush green and tranquil area, this unique hide-away development has been designed to provide a healing and rejuvenating atmosphere.
Easily accessible from Trivandrum airport, with personal collection service, Mekosha offers just eleven luxurious and contemporary designed suites in a very private and secluded woodland area.  Each suite is 600 sq ft, has an integral private treatment room and balcony overlooking the pool and with delightful river views beyond.
With unique focus on traditional Indian sciences of yoga and Ayurveda, Mekosha creates a skilful synthesis between age-old therapies and modern spa technology.  Personalised treatments are the key and unlimited massages and health treatments come as standard.
High quality Mekosha cuisine continues the Ayurveda theme with fresh and health-promoting food to complement the wide range of treatments and the calm and relaxing atmosphere.
Until 31st March 2018, Mekosha Trivandrum will offer an all-inclusive rejuvenation plan, including all meals and unlimited treatments, from €110 per night. From locally sourced delectable vegetarian food to in-suite spa rooms, Mekosha aims to provide a new vision of hospitality based on sustainability, wellness, nature and rejuvenation of body and mind, with exceptional personalized service. To read more on Mekosha Hospitality Opens First Wellness Retreat, go here

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