5 Reasons Why You Need a Panchakarma Cleanse

Panchakarma is a holistic 4-step method of deep tissue cleansing. It includes vamana, vurechan, basti, and nasya to enable tridoshic balance. Above all, you can alter this method as per your constitution to reap best results. Thus, practitioners recommend this process to get rid of environmental and nutritive toxins.

Check out this article here to gain a basic grasp of the Panchakarma treatment. 

As your internal bodily systems begin to function better, you will see these characteristics externally as well. For instance, symptoms such as acne, rashes, and indigestion will diminish. Good health will emerge through your hair, skin, and nails. Ayurvedic rishis from more than 5,000 years ago were aware that glowing bodies come from groundedness in nature.

Panchakarma cleansing is thus critical to this connection with the natural world. At each step, you get rid of bodily toxins through all-natural and sustainable means. It brings calmness, immunity, and digestive health. Hence, there are five key reasons to carry out a panchakarma cleanse.

Peace of mind

Your mental health plays a role in your physical state of being. This is to say, any mental disturbance will inevitably take a toll on your other bodily systems. Ayurveda as a school of science focuses on the root cause of diseases rather than its symptoms. Thus, stress and anxiety can manifest in each of your bodily systems.

Stress is one of the silent killers of a fast-paced environment. High stress levels release the cortisol hormone into your bloodstream, which raises heart rate and blood pressure. This also activates the ‘fight or flight’ response in your body.

Panchakarma cleansing do not only activate ama for easy expulsion from the body. It can also provide you with a sense of calmness and opportunity for introspection. For this reason, many opt to take up meditation during ayurvedic cleansing. In other words, physical toxins which leave the body also cleanse out negative or circular thoughts which arise.

Easy Bowel Movement

Chronic constipation has unfortunately become and commonplace urban condition. This is typically due to poor lifestyle factors. It is true that the frequency of bowel movements can differ across individuals. However, Ayurveda recommends that you eliminate your bowels at least once a day.

Constipation can cause waste matter to collect in your digestion tract and deep tissues. This can cause mental fog, allergies and acne, and other such health concerns. Moreover, it can lead to a general poor appetite. Despite mild variations as per one’s dosha and lifestyle, this can cause both long and short term discomfort. It is typically caused by vata aggravation (but can also be kapha or pitta ignited).

Panchakarma can re-lubricate your intestinal walls and canals. In this manner, art reignites you Agni or digesting fire. To sum up, Panchakarma can do wonders to your digestive system, and thus prevent chronic constipation. It cleans out systematic toxins which have accumulated over time.

Clear Skin

Acne and rashes are simply a manifestation of internal bodily disruption. Thus, face creams and oils can only provide a short term solution. To ensure clear skin over long term, you will need to completely eliminate both material and spiritual toxins and stressors.

Panchakarma can activate your pitta dosha through the final step of rakta moksha or blood purification. This can provide long term relief by gentle removal of ama (toxins) from the blood. In addition, a light and healthy Ayurvedic diet can bolster clear skin. Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, greens, lentils and whole grains. Most importantly, stick to your dosha type for best results.

You can find out more about an Ayurvedic diet to suit your dosha here.

Lower Food Sensitivity

Allergens are one of the most common causes for ama buildup. Certain intolerances to foods such as legumes, grains, and products signify weakness of one’s agni or digestive fire. This is to say, agni weakness can challenge digestion of heavier foods. Poor digestion, chemical pesticides, and staleness can further aggravate allergic reactions. Consequently, your body accumulates higher ama levels as a result and is incapable of correct assimilation of nutrients.

You can reset your body through Panchakarma, which gets rid of these toxins. Meanwhile, it nourishes your internal systems to rekindle your agni. Be sure to eat fresh and wholesome food even after your cleanse to keep your body toxin-free.

Higher Energy Levels

We often see fatigue as a normal response to everyday stressors. However, long term tiredness can severely affect daily functioning and quality of life. This normalisation of fatigue can accelerate the accumulation of ama in the body.

Weakness of agni and low appetite can also contribute to persistent fatigue. Fortunately, Panchakarma therapy can ward away these toxins. It can revitalise your system which will reflect in your energy levels.


Panchakarma is a popular and reliable method of toxin removal. It uses all-natural herbs and oils that work in harmony with your body. You can alter the method to suit your dosha type, age, and immunity levels. Some of its benefits include mental stability, easy bowel movements, clear skin, low food insensitivity, and better energy levels.

Here at Mekosha, we offer you a program with the best of experts to reap these benefits.

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