Practitioners Share the importance of Expert Guided Cleansing

Ayurvedic have especially become popular since the recent yoga boom. For instance, Panchakarma is a four-step process which uses all-natural products for detoxification. It has become popular not just in India, but the west as well.

Panchakarma is your one-stop solution to nearly all ailments and dosha-related illnesses. Unlike other diets or regimens, this balances both your physical and mental well-being. It does not deprive you of healthy and nourishing food. Most importantly, it stresses on a healthy diet of khichdi, which comprises of a cooked rice and lentils. Vegetables, protein, spices and grains are essential additions to this diet.

Similarly, Ayurveda advocates warm and nourishing foods and fluids. For instance, hot tea, ghee, oil massages, and oil massages can soothe and open your body’s channels. Panchakarma uses these tools to supplement the four-step tridoshic cleanse. In addition, you can alter the process to suit your age, dosha type and immunity levels. However, the nuances of the process require expert supervision to guide the various steps involved.

Panchakarma is an ideal and safe method to cleanse when it is done correctly. Thus, it requires expert supervision to guide the various steps involved. Take a look below to find out what experts say on the need for supervision.

Symptom Relief

Suhas J Khirshagar from BAMS, an Ayurvedic healing director, says a real cleanse requires ‘entry level’ purification. Only experts can pride themselves in this skill. He states that the body often undergoes a ‘healing crisis’ as it tries to rid itself of other impurities. For instance, it becomes prone to headaches, rashes, cramps, and emotional instability. Additionally, your initial symptoms can worsen if not handled in a safe and secure manner. You cannot deal with such detox symptoms on your own, especially during your first time of Panchakarma treatment.

Ayurveda stresses that you must not suppress such symptoms, but release them slowly and effectively. Since this is a holistic deep tissue cleanse, it is bound to accompany emotional detox as well. You can address these needs through counselling, journaling, and meditation. Thus, through a ‘true’ cleanse under an expert, you will develop faith in the therapy process. This will contribute to an overall positive Panchakarma cleansing experience.

Custom-Curated Therapy

Pratibha Shah from BAMS, an MPH from holistic health alliance, states that Ayurveda does not offer a one-size-fits-all therapy. Apart from skin care and diet, the Panchakarma treatment itself can be curated for the customer.

When your practitioner can custom curate the latter, you reach your optimal state of health and wellness. Above all, it is based upon the metaphysical concept of the five elements and three doshas. This boosts effectiveness and lowers disturbance during therapy.

Further, Shah states that a mass detox program may actually work against your best interest. This forces drastic changes over shorter time periods, which can shock your body. Rather, one must account for age, prakruti (body type), vikruti (disease conditions), and physical and mental strength.

Respect for the Process

Adena Rose Bright, an Ayurvedic practitioner and Panchakarma therapist, believes that unguided cleanses can do more harm than good. Many of her friends underwent online cleanses, and faced more harm than good. More specifically, these were the Vata or Vata-Pitta types, who were more sensitive to the purge process.

Rose observes that teachers have become more fearful as the Panchakarma treatment is unregulated in many cases. However, she herself does not wish to embody or express such fear. To clarify, she states that it is essential to respect the science and nuances of the process. Expert supervision is the first step to achieve this.

The Right Mindset

Kate O’Donnel is a certified Ayurvedic consultant and yoga specialist. Through her practice at Ayurveda Boston, she finds Ayurvedic cleansing to be a gentle yet effective process. This is different from other radical cleanses which can cause vata imbalances through prolonged energy. Likewise, most participants approach the cleanse through a ‘no pain, no gain’ mindset.

However, ayurvedic balance stresses on peace of both body and mind. An Ayurvedic practitioner can bring about the right intention and attitude to your cleanse – this can help you reap its overall benefits.

Science-Backed Cleansing

John Douillard from LifeSpa asserts that not all cleanses are backed by science. In fact, the wave of OTC programs has begun to discredit the concept of a cleanse in itself. The Ayurvedic approach is not only unique for its scientific basis – but also the very presence of an expert, which ensures long term benefits.

As an example, one cause of toxin accumulation may be due to when the digestive system malfunctions. If the root cause is unaddressed, the toxins will only be pulled back and redeposited into another fat cell. Only an expert is aware of how to prepare the body for a cleanse and assess its intensity. Thus, he or she does not only enough experience, but also houses scientific awareness of the process to bring you best results.

Gurang Joshi from India’s Multi Speciality Ayurveda hospital touches both the mental and physical aspects of human health. Only experts are well-versed in human anatomy and physiology, to the extent that they can deal with mismanagement. Thus, he recommends that any Ayurvedic treatment under an expert, which includes herbal referrals and basic consultations.

The Wholeness of a Cleanse

An Ayurvedic cleanse focuses on the individual as a whole. Cara Caruthers, a practitioner from Bliss, Body and Soul, says that the depth of experience lies in both its visible and invisible components. You begin to examine and release daily toxic habits of your diet, thought, and state of being. Only then can you truly break free.

You will feel unstuck, liberated, and determined to sustain your state of wellness. However, it is only under a practitioner – an insightful and compassionate one – can you surrender to this experience. Ayurveda, ultimately, is a holistic science – you cannot focus on just one component of health and neglect the other.


As with other Ayurvedic cleansing techniques, Panchakarma is a powerful and highly sophisticated 5-step technique. You require expert guidance to reap the benefits of each detail. They can tailor the process to your needs, and relieve yourself of symptoms. Most importantly, an expert can inculcate respect for the process though scientific temperament and the right mindset. All of these benefits place you at the centre – as an individual – thus promising you a whole rounded cleansing experience.

Find out about the basics of Panchakarma therapy here. 

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