Dr. Anusha on Tackling Obesity

There are a number of questions which surround obesity. For instance, is it simply a cosmetic issue? And by extension, does it actually matter? Here at Mekosha, we are lucky to connect with a number of experts who can provide an insight into the topic. In this case, for instance, Mrs. Anusha Ramanna tells us a bit about the pitfalls and solutions to obesity.

Mrs. Ramanna is a flexible instructor and fast learner with experience of 4+ yoga forms. Further, she holds a strong understanding of bodily anatomy and breathing. Over the years, she has organised workshops and tweaked training session for her clients. That’s not all – she has also and traveled extensively to conduct workshops. We were lucky to connect with her!

Following is Anusha’s take on obesity.


“Obesity is simply the excess of the adipose tissue or body fat. It is among the most common and frustrating medical disorders. So, why would I choose to write on this topic? The idea arose when I took a class titled ‘yoga for obesity’ for obese clients. At the time, I was unaware of students’ expectations and the intentions of the class itself. However, I gave it a shot.”

My Plan

“According to me, obesity is more than simply excessive body fat accumulation. Rather, it is a state of more than one illness. Thus, I came up with a plan of beautiful exercises to tackle this issue. Further, it was my intention for students to have the best experience, since this was an online class.

In my first class, I was a bit surprised. This is because students had different backgrounds and preferences. For instance, there were clients who were overweight, normal weight, uncomfortable with using the video, and had an additional ailment apart from their weight. Firstly, and most importantly, I had to make them comfortable in their own bodies. In this manner, they could build self-respect and believe in themselves.

Next, I designed and taught the class to encourage them to attempt every exercise. Further, I modified the class to their own capacity. This helped them figure out their own strength levels and move forward accordingly. In fact, the response was so positive that I could see happy faces after just two classes. This made my day!

While my clients did not have high confidence levels, none of them took offence to the pace or style of teaching. So, I took it on to explain how they could change their attitude towards exercise and overall self esteem levels.”

Why Obesity Matters

“Obesity, as I mentioned before, is not simply a ‘cosmetic’ or appearance problem. When your body weight is misaligned, you can face other comorbidity issues. For instance, you become vulnerable to hypothyroidism, PCOS, diabetes, infertility, and hypertension, among other issues. Further, issues of mental stress, trauma, and depression can take a toll on your system.

Just losing weight, however, isn’t a solution. Alternatively, being overweight – with an attitude of ‘my body my life’ is not a solution either. Rather, what one requires is a lifestyle change. While it is true that you should not pay heed to the comments of others, remember who is responsible for change. It is only yourself. In other words, we ourselves make our lives hard and give others a chance to mock at us.

If we don’t take the responsibility of caring for our own body, aren’t we being harsh on it? So, how can we expect others to be nice to us? It is true that some of us are naturally thin and others are overweight. Similarly, there are some who find it much harder to lose weight then others. Yet above all, you should reduce weight for yourself, not for others. If not for a lean body, we can all opt for a healthier life.

Don’t allow social media to sway you in the direction of fatness as acceptable. It is not about the look, but rather, your health. In other words, you don’t have to cut down on sweets or other things you love eating just to look good. Rather, I advise: eat less, eat everything, work more, sweat a lot. You cannot stop the world from talking about you, but you can stop caring about what they say. So, keep trying and you will succeed!”

Overcoming Obesity

“My advise would be to simply practice yoga and pranayama. Both of these offer proven benefits. First, yoga gives you the physical benefits of body weight reduction, muscle stretches, stress relief, and release of ‘happy hormones’ (endorphins and serotonin) which relaxes the body and mind.

Second, yoga helps us accept ourselves the way we are. It is easy enough for persons of any age and body type to practice. There are no restrictions, only modifications. This can increase happiness levels within both yourself and those around you. So, remember to spread that positive energy all around. Being happy and healthy is all you need in life.”

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