Why You Should Do Yoga: Megha’s Thoughts

People often see yoga as a passing fad or trend. Likewise, many pick it up for a month or couple of weeks just to try it out. However, you can only reap the benefits of yoga with patience and discipline. Over time, your body will grow flexible, strong, and alert. Here at Mekosha, we were lucky to connect with Meghna Upadhyay and learn her motivations for doing yoga.

Meghna holds 5+ years of experience, as well as an aerial yoga certification from Ulu in Thailand. She was a partner with urban clap in Mumbai and currently manages private yoga sessions in Indore. Further, her core speciality lies in ‘Ashtanga yoga’, or the Patanjali classification on basis of the ‘eight yogic limbs’. Through this knowledge, she wishes to simply ‘find her part in making the world a better place’! Here, Megha herself tells us why the does yoga.

Attempting Yoga

“I observe that not many people ‘get’ yoga at all. This does not just mean that they cannot touch their toes. In other words, yoga is more than simply touching your head, toes, or knees, or doing a full split or body stand. Likewise, it is more than sitting with your legs crossed in padmasana while chanting Om. Rather, it is about trying. This involves finding, creating, reaching for extremes, and surrendering to the soul or that ‘inner light’.

Yoga is meditation, even during your hatha or Ashtanga Vinyasa flow.

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