Introducing Arjuna: The Natural Healer and Protector

The Arjuna herb dates back to over 1,000 years. Early references are present in the Mahabharata, for instance, which is one of Hinduism’s earliest epics. If you wonder how Arjuna in the Mahabharata got his name, remember that it was after this herb and its protective effects. However, the epics are not the only source which claims its brilliance. Doctors and healers today worldwide suggest this herb for its manifold properties.

Above all, this herb helps with repair and protection. So, get rid of your supplements and over-the-counter medicines. Instead, opt for applying powdered Arjuna on wounds, haemorrhages, and ulcers. Moreover, people call this the ‘guardian of the heart’ as it helps tackle heart diseases. But that’s not all – it can also treat liver, digestive, and respiratory disorders, as well as HIV. This is because it hosts an array of minerals, trace elements, and amino acids.

There are multiple ways you can include this herb in your daily life. Arjunarishta, for instance, is a herbal concoction which uses this herb. First, be sure to cleanse your ingredients. This includes Arjuna bark, Dhataki and Mahua flowers and dry grapes. Next, blend these together with water and jaggery. Finally, allow this to naturally ferment before bottling it up. Make sure to consume it regularly for better cardiac health.


Findings in experiments and studies are consistent with Ayurveda. In other words, Arjuna is a nourishing and powerful herb which restores optimal health to each of your bodily systems. However, don’t just take our word for it – here are some of its proven uses.

Heart Health

Cardiac ailments tend to increase over time. For instance, it is uncommon to complain of high blood pressure, ailments, and strokes with ageing. However, you can reduce its likelihood with Arjuna. This herb lowers the three risk factors of heart disease – namely, cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure levels. In fact, a study conducted among mice finds that it additionally lowers systolic blood pressure (the upper value). Similarly, another study among 100 heart disease patients finds that Arjuna powder consumption (3 kms / day) lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

According to modern science, Arjuna helps management of chest pain or Angina. It particularly lowers cortisol levels, thus easing stress. Further, it increases exercise tolerance, improves HDL levels, and thus reduces blood pressure.

In addition, Ayurveda associates chest pain with an tridoshic imbalance. Initially, Kapha aggravation leads to excessive production of ama or toxic waste. After that, the waste accumulates in heart channels. Thus, this causes chest pain and aggravates your vata and pitta doshas.

The Arjuna herb can balance out your kapha levels. As a result, it reduces ama levels, removes blockages, and calms vata aggravation. In this manner, it reduces chest pain. Make sure to mix 10-20 ml of the Arjuna herb in equal quantities of milk or water. Drink this 1-2 times a day to prevent chest pain.


Antioxidants are the new buzz word in healthcare. These help to neutralise ‘free radicals’, which are highly unstable molecules which cause cell damage, illness and ageing. Further, it can result in heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. In short, it creates oxidative stress which exposes your body to CNS, autoimmune, inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Wrinkles, cataract, and hair loss, for example, are some symptoms of such stress.

Stash away your anti-ageing creams and balms. While these may reduce the appearance of ageing, the root cause remains intact. In contrast, the Arjuna herb drives molecular level change. The combined effects of antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic acids enables this. Thus, it keeps your skin and hair young and rejuvenated.

Blood Sugar Control

Various studies demonstrate a positive link between Arjunarishta consumption and low blood sugar levels. For instance, one study among mice finds low fasting blood sugar levels among those who consumed the same. Likewise, another study finds that the herb helps to reduce and stabilise fasting blood sugar levels among diabetic rats. Amazingly, they were fed the herbal extraction for just fifteen days to see results – no wonder Ayurveda prizes this herb.

However, don’t forget that the Arjunarishta concoction contains jaggery. As an unrefined sugar product, this can be counter effective to lowering blood sugar levels. Thus, proceed with caution when you choose how to consume the herb. Most importantly, account for this factor if you have a genetic history (or are more prone to) diabetes or unstable blood sugar levels.

Medicinal Value

This plant serves as an all-round multipurpose medicine. First, the bark contains astringent, demulcent, and styptic properties. Thus, it can cure fractures, ulcers, anaemia, and cardiopathy, among other ailments. The method of bark preparation influences its medicinal purpose. For instance, a decoction can cure ulcers, while ashes can alleviate snakebites and scorpion stings.

There are a number of diverse ways to use this bark. First, traditional healers of India’s Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu inhale boiled bark powered in water. This helps to cure headaches and kill teeth worms. Further, they topically apply the fruit paste on wounds. Second, the Malabar tribe in Kerala uses this to treat earaches (through fresh leaf juice) and heart ailments (through bark powder). Thirdly, tribals of the Sundargarh district in Odisha with rice water (residue) to treat blood in urine.

Finally, tribals of the Malkangiri district chew fresh bark and swallow its juice. This helps ease gastrointestinal refluxes and maintain gut health.

Anti Inflammatory Effects

According to Ayurveda, the accumulation of ama (toxins or waste) can clog up bodily systems and influence its functioning. For instance, ama accumulates through mucous in the lungs which leads to bronchitis. However, regular use of the Arjuna herb can ward away such ailments. Above all, it balances kapha levels and regulates mucous production.

Go for a healthy concoction to eliminate inflammation. First, measure our 5-8 teaspoons of Arjuna powder. Then., mix in equal quantities of milk or water. Finally, shake this thoroughly. Make sure to consume this right after your meals to manage respiratory problems.


Without a doubt, the Arjuna is a uniquely powerful Ayurvedic herb. It maintains youth, cardiac health, blood sugar levels, medicinal value and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, it remains globally popular from the era of the Mahabharata to today. In summery, you can reap these benefits with regular use.

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