My Learning of The Day (3rd June, 2021)

My learning of the day….

Deepak Chopra on the 5 causes of Human Suffering
1. Not knowing who we are
2. Grasping or clinging at a dream with interludes of brief moments of awakening – awakening is not of the body and mind but your true self
3. Being afraid of something like pain, abandonment, disrespect – aversion to certain experiences
4. Ego identity
5. Fear of death

They are ALL connected
They are ALL the SAME FEAR and they are NOT KNOWING WHO YOU ARE
The biggest question to ask is..
Am I the changing body, changing mind, changing personality
What is the basis of this ?
Start reflective self-enquiry
Ask also what do I want? What is my true purpose ?
That is when you have true awakening – “revelation – revealed truth”
In common parlance – “insight”
Awareness ultimately leads to insight
Then awareness of awareness is “Nirvana”

As Rabindranath Tagore said in his Gitanjali (and I use only part of it – for me and not the country)

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high… into that heaven of freedom… awake…

Article By:

Mamta Wasan

Director & CEO, Mekosha

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