The Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most amazing natural herbs out there. It is a woody herb which people identify for its fragrance. However, its positive scent is not the only benefit it brings. For instance, it contains photo therapeutic effects with wound healing. In this manner, it lowers the harmful effects of UV skin induced damage and can also prevent DNA damage. Secondly, it can defeat harmful microbes and bacteria. Thus, it works well as a natural preservative in cosmetic and skincare products. This is because it prevents them from oxidisation and can also treat skin infections.

Overall, this herb carries aromatic, medicinal, and culinary uses. Traditional schools of healing such as Ayurveda have propagated its use for years. However, it is only recently that modern science recognises its benefits. Various studies show these.

Here are some specific benefits of the Rosemary herb.

Brain Functioning

The ancient Greeks and Romans would use Rosemary oil to boost memory. This is because the oil can retain acetylcholine, which is a brain chemical that helps your thought processes. Many studies confirm this as well. For instance, one study infused rosemary oil into a room with adults taking a maths test. Results show that participants increased their speed and efficiency of answering as the diffusion of the oil went up. Similarly, another test shows that nursing students breathing in this oil performed better on a test than those breathing in lavender oil or no oil at all.

Rosemary can also improve brain function in older adults with dementia or memory loss. This is true with elders who have alzheimer’s as well. In summery, this herb can help with memory retention and focus. However, more research can help to confirm these findings.

Stimulates Hair Growth

One of the most common ailments is male pattern baldness. Despite the name, it can affect females as well. Thankfully, rosemary oil provides a valuable cure. This is because it prevents a testosterone byproduct from attacking your hair follicles. Thus, this retains hair strength and prevents it from falling. In fact, men who had made use of rosemary oil for six months experienced the same hair regrowth as using rogaine, which is a common hair regrowth cure.

Second, rosemary oil can solve the problem of patchy hair loss. This ailment affects 50% of persons below 21 years of age, and 20% of persons above 40 years of age respectively. Further, it can lower scalp itchiness in contrast to other oils. One study shows that persons who rub essential oil into their scalp each day for 7 months reported 44% lesser hair loss. This contrasts to those using Jojoba or grape seed oil, who report only a 15% improvement.

Pain Relief

Various traditional schools of medicine stress that rosemary can mildly relieve pain. Overall, three studies (all by Pub Med central) demonstrates the role of Rosemary in pain relief. For instance, one study shows that rosemary and acupuncture together for 20 minutes at a time, to lower hair loss by 30%. However, those only opting for acupressure went throigh only 15% lesser pain.

There are some animal studies that show this too. For instance, one study shows that rosemary oil works better than a cetominphen. This is an over=the-counter medicine to tackle pain.

Bug Repellant

Do you face a frequent bug problem in your garden or balcony? Not an issue. Simply go for rosemary oil – this is a safe and natural solution which works for the environment as well. For example, one study shows that the rosemary oil pesticide Ecotrol can lower the rates of two-spotted spider mites by at least half. Similarly, it can get rid of blood sucking insects as well – and in turn, it keeps viruses and bacteria at bay.

Rosemary oil has the best effects of a group of mosquitos which spread the Zika virus. In fact, a 12.9% dilution of the oil can get rid of 100% of mosquitos for 90 minutes. Further, another study shows that a spray of 10% rosemary oil works just as well as an insecticide that controls the spread of black legged ticks. These ticks can cause the Lyme disease which is common to parts of Northeastern USA.

Stress Relief

Stress is a common cause of inflammation and disease. For instance, high cortisol levels can cause insomnia, mood swings, and poor immune health, among other problems. Work, school, or exams are a common cause os stress across countries.

Thankfully, rosemary oil is a simple cure that can induce calmness. Many studies support this claim. For instance, one study shows that nursing students inhaling rosemary oil before writing a test saw a 9% decline in pulse rate in comparison to a control group. Secondly, another test shows that 22 adults breathing in rosemary oil had 23% less concentration of the stress hormone (cortisol) than those inhaling a non-aromatic compound.

In summery, rosemary oil can get rid of short-term stress, anxiety, and restore pulse rates.

Better Blood Circulation

Most people face the problem of poor blood circulation on the tips of their fingers and toes. In fact, Raynaud’s disease is a condition which impairs blood circulation in extreme ends of your body. For instance, it constricts blood vessels in your fingers and toes when you feel cold or stressed. Thus, this can cause them to lose colour and energy.

In this regard, you can try rubbing rosemary oil on affected areas. This can expand your blood vessels and warm them. hence, it reaches your fingers and toes easily. In short, this is a low-cost and effective solution to improving blood circulation in any part of the body.

Improvement of Alertness

Traditional and folk medicines tend to use folk medicine to fight mental stress and fatigue. For example, one study among 20 adults shows that it can mentally refresh you by 30% and lower drowsiness or fatigue by 25%. Further, higher alertness levels can alter your brain function and improve heart and breathing rates, and blood pressure.

Inhaling the oil isn’t the only way you can reap benefits of this herb. For instance, you can also apply this to your skin so it can soon reach the brain too. Further, it can directly impact your mood. For instance, one study which directly applies rosemary oil on the skin of 35 subjects notes that it induces attention, alertness, energy and satisfaction in just 20 minutes, as opposed to the placebo oil.


Rosemary is an amazing herb which can provide soothing and revitalising effects. For instance, it enables brain functioning, hair growth, pain and stress relief, blood circulation, and alertness. Further, you can use this for various household functions (e.g. as a bug repellant). You can use the herb in dishes or as an oil, which you can apply on your skin or inhale.

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