The Wonders of Brahmi

Brahmi is one of the most important alkaline-rich Ayurvedic herbs. This plant grows in wet and tropical regions, and can live underwater too. Hence, many people place this in aquariums.

There are five key benefits this offers. Firstly, it helps with hair treatment and associated conditions, such as dandruff. Secondly, it is a key ingredient to treating epileptic patients. Thirdly, and similarly, it can visibly affect patients who suffer through anxiety. Fourthly, it helps with memory and cognition, and fifthly, it can treat burns and scars.

However, getting to the details, you’ll find that regularly consuming this herb can help through seven ways. Read on below to find out what these are.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants can protect you from free radical activity, and thus, from cell damage as well. In this manner, it keeps you safe from other chronic illnesses such as cardiac diseases, diabetes, and some cancer types too. This is because the antioxidants have powerful effects – for instance, they neutralise free radicals, and stop fat molecules from getting in contact with them. As a result, it inhibits the process of lipid per oxidation, and hence prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and related disorders.

In fact, it can prevent existing damage done to your neural cells as well. For instance, a study among rats with dementia finds that it can not only lower signs of free radical damage, but also reverse memory impairment.

Fights inflammation

Inflammation is a natural bodily response to heal and get rid of illnesses. But this isn’t the case with low level or chronic inflammation, which can cause diabetes, cancer, and cardiac and kidney diseases. Thankfully, various studies show that the Brahmi herb can put a stop to this. For instance, one test tube study shows that block the release of ‘pro-inflammatory cytokines’ – these can encourage an immune response against inflammation. Further, test tube and animal studies also show that it can inhibit harmful enzymes which cause inflammation and pain.

Improves Brain Functioning

Various studies show that Brahmi can improve cognition and brain activity. For instance, some studies among mice shows that it can improve spatial learning and memory retention. Further, it can help with dendrite branching and length – meaning that it can improve spatial learning and memory retention. Similarly, a three-month long study among 46 adults shows that just 300 mg of this herb can improve the rate of processing visual information, learning rates, and memory, in comparison with placebo treatments.

Thirdly, another study among 60 adults of the same time period finds that a dosage of between 300-600 mg regularly improves the rate of processing visual information, memory, and attention, in comparison to placebos.

Eases ADHD Symptoms

One of the most common neural development disorders is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This causes symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. This is especially helpful for children. For instance, a study among 31 students between 6-12 years finds that a dosage of 225 mg over a course of 6 months can reduce ADHD symptoms among 85% of subjects. This includes restlessness, poor self control, poor attention levels and impulsivity. Secondly, a study among 120 students shows that a herbal blend containing 125 mg of the Brahmi herb can improve attention, cognitive levels, and control of impulses.

However, many of these studies are old and small-scale. Hence, larger scale human studies which are more recent in nature can help confirm this.

Eases Stress and Anxiety

Along similar lines, Brahmi can help ease high levels of stress and anxiety. In other words, it acts as an adaptogenic herb. This is because it lowers levels of your stress hormone- cortisol – and can thus calm your body down. In fact a study among rodents finds that Brahmi has an equal (if not better) impact of lorazepam, which is a clinical medicine for anxiety treatment. Various studies show this as well. For instance, two 3-week long studies show that a 300 gram dose everyday can lower these two symptoms, in comparison to placebo treatments.

However, another human study shows that this herb has little to no effect on anxiety. In short, while findings suggest that this herb can induce calmness, more research can help to confirm these findings.

Stabilises Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart diseases. This is because it strains out your heart and blood vessels, and thus, can apply pressure on your cardiac system as a whole. Various animal studies depict this as well. For instance, some studies show how Brahmi can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. This is because it releases nitric oxide which dilates blood pressure levels. As a result, it improves blood flow and lower general blood pressure levels. Above all, the key word is that is stabilises the latter – meaning that it ensures that this does not exceed or drop below an optimal range.

For instance, one study finds that while it lower blood pressure among rats with high counts, it has negligible to no impact on those at the normal range. Thus, you can safely consume it without fearing side effects on blood health. However, more human studies can help to confirm this.

Side Effects

Brahmi is generally a safe ingredient. However, there are some conditions or illnesses which can make you vulnerable to side effects. First, it can cause digestive ailments such as nausea, diarrhoea, or stomach cramps. Secondly, other studies find that it can negatively interact with other medicines, such as painkillers. Thirdly, it can be unsafe for pregnant women. Nevertheless, the overall effects of this herb are bound to be positive if you are cautious of these possible effects.


Brahmi is a fantastic herb to ensuring calmness and optimal cognition. Further, it is rich in antioxidants and can fight against inflammation, ADHD, and high blood pressure. However, it may cause harm during pregnancy, can result in digestive ailments, and negatively interact with other medicines. Overall, be sure to consult a doctor a medical expert concerning dosage and frequency of this herb.

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