The Wonders of Tulsi

The Holy Basil or Tulsi plant is one of the most amazing natural medicines in Ayurveda. However, it doesn’t go by the name ‘holy’ for nothing – it packs in nutrients and compounds which benefit each of your bodily systems. For instance, some of these are calcium, zinc, chlorophyll, iron, and zinc. In addition, contains vitamins A and C, which increases T-helper cell count. For these reasons, it is unsurprising that the plant is special to Ayurveda.

The tulsi plant you will find in India is of three types. These are Ram Tulsi (with bright green leaves), Krishna Tulsi (purplish green leaves), and most commonly, Vana Tulsi (wild variety). Each of these bring their own advantages. However, the plant is more than a medicine – it contains religious, traditional, and calming value as well. For instance, certain worshipping practices of the Hindu Vaishnava tradition use this. As for therapeutic effect, many people use this in herbal teas or essential oils.


This plant provides an easy and natural solution to a variety of ailments. Similarly, it ensures long term health if you consume it regularly. Here are some benefits and their details. Above all, make sure to follow the correct methods of applying and / or consuming this herb.

Stress Reduction

Feeling fatigued or burnt out? Tulsi is here for you. Each of its parts acts as a natural adaptogen, meaning that it wards away stress and boosts wellness. Most importantly, it tackles stress in multiple layers and forms. For instance, this could be on mental, emotional, physical and infectious levels. First, some animal studies find that it improves metabolism, swimming time, and tolerance to loud surroundings. Similarly, it improves sleep, memory, and energy levels, among humans and animals.

Above all, this herb can cure even severe cases of depression and anxiety. However, don’t just take this from us. Many experts and studies point to this as well. For instance, one study among 500 subject finds that Tulsi lowers stress, anxiety, and the need to be alone.

For best effects, try sipping on a mug of hot tea made with Tulsi leaves. This is a wholesome, cheap and caffeine-free beverage option. Thus, you can enjoy it everyday without worrying about side effects. Further, it fosters clarity of mind and relaxation. However, you may also go for a pill or alcohol extract to lower the risk of contamination.

Enables Healing of Wounds

Tulsi contains virtually all the properties you need to get rid of illnesses or injuries. It namely fights off bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and acts as a natural painkiller. In this manner, it can heal and protect wounds. Further, it contains with antioxidants which detoxify your body. It also reduces cancerous cell growth, and can thus lower the risk of cancer as well.

Above all, it cures specific infections and conditions. This includes mouth ulcers, keloids, raised scars, and acne. It namely improves the wound’s healing time and contraction levels. In addition, it improves the ‘breaking strength’ of the wound, which is the amount of pressure it can withstand before it breaks. As a result, this herb helps wounds and infections heal faster.

Lowers Blood Sugars

There are a number of studies proving the anti-diabetic effects of Tulsi. In fact, such effects hold true for pre diabetic and type 2 diabetes patients. It namely fights symptoms such as weight gain, excessive blood insulin, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Further, it you can easily include this in your meals to naturally lower blood sugar levels.

Early animal studies find that rats consuming tulsi extracts saw a drop in blood sugar levels by 26.4 percent, after 30 days. Likewise, rats consuming Tulsi leaf powder saw a similar decline. However, don’t go for this straight away if you are at risk (or already have) diabetes. It may dangerously reduce blood sugar levels if you already take medicines. Thus, consult your doctor for best advice.

Enables Weight Loss

One of the biggest advantages of Tulsi is that it improves metabolic stress. Thus, it reduces cholesterol levels, which eventually results in weight loss. Many animal studies prove this too. For instance, a study among rabbits finds that tulsi leaves can reduce fat molecule levels. It especially lowers LDL cholesterol levels (the “bad” form), and improves HDL cholesterol (the “good” form). Similarly, another animal study finds that this herb lowers overall cholesterol levels.

Moreover, another animal study finds that the oil (eugenol) present in tulsi can lower stress induced cholesterol levels. The study finds namely finds low cholesterol levels in kidneys, liver, and heart of diabetic rats consuming Tulsi powder. In contrast, there was little to no change in the control group. Above all, such findings are largely applicable to human beings too.

Digestive Health

Stomach problems are common throughout the world. While you can find various pills and chemicals, natural herbs are an age-old better option. This is because they are cost-effective and come without side effects. Most importantly, they are suitable to nearly everyone. For instance, Tulsi is one such herb.

Tulsi can get rid of stomach ulcers. It raises your stomach’s defence mechanisms to get rid of inflammation or harmful substances in the gut. First, it lowers stomach acid, which wards away acidity. Meanwhile, it also increases mucus secretion and the number of cells, and extends its lifespan. In this manner, the herb breed creates a soothing effect and thus heals ulcers.

These benefits extend to both animals and human beings. For instance, one animal study finds that just 200 mg of Tulsi extract can lower both the count and index of ulcers, in 66% of subjects.


The Tulsi herb is a cooling and all-natural Ayurvedic herb, packed in with minerals, vitamins, and compounds. Thus, it is a valuable natural medicine which can enable long term health too. Among other benefits, this namely enables wound healing, weight loss, digestive health, and optimal blood sugar levels. Further, it carries cultural and religious importance in Hinduism as well. Overall, you can consume this herb safely on a daily basis to reap its benefits.

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