Here’s How Turmeric Can Transform Your Health

Turmeric is one of the most amazing spices out there. In fact, just a pinch of turmeric powder can add a bright orange-yellow hue to your meal, and enhance its flavour as well. This plant is a bright yellow root of the ginger family native to Southeast Asia. It helps spice up Asian cuisine. Further, it is popular in traditional medicine, clothing, and dyes.

This root contains a range of healing properties. For instance, it can treat inflammation, microbial activity, and tumour growth. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants which keeps you free of sickness. Hence, it can treat various skin problems such as acne, wounds, burns, eczema, and psoriasis. Moreover, it prevents the skin from photo ageing, which is the loss of youthful appearance.

These are only a couple of benefits of turmeric. Both modern science and Ayurveda stress that this root contains powerful benefits for each one of your bodily systems. But don’t just take it from us – this root is steadily gaining popularity around the globe. So, take a look at some of its benefits in detail below.

Brain Functioning

Neurons have the ability to divide and multiply even after early childhood. In addition, they form new connections within and between themselves as well. This is namely due to the brain-driven neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a growth hormone in the brain. Turmeric contains cur cumin, a compound which boosts this hormone. In this manner, it may reverse or delay brain diseases and ageing. Similarly, it can also bolster memory and intelligence.

Above all, turmeric can also heal severe brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This is one of the most common mental ailments, and also lacks proper treatment solutions. Fortunately, cur cumin helps to tackle this ailment from its early origins. This is because it can clear the protein buildup or ‘amyloid plaques’ causing Alzheimer’s. Further, it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and can relieve effects of inflammation and oxidation.

Heart Health

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. Although there are a number of factors which contribute to this, poor lifestyle factors are a leading cause. For instance, smoking, alcohol, stress, and poor dietary practices can take a toll on your heart. However, you can reverse or alleviate the risk of heart disease through natural remedies for heart health. For instance, the cur cumin present can reverse the risk of heart diseases.

First, this compound can improve the functioning of your endothelium. This is the tissue lining your blood vessels. This hence regulates blood pressure and blood clotting, among other factors. Various studies prove this as well. For example, a study by PubMed Central notes that cur cumin is just as effective as exercise, as well as the Atorvastatin drug.

Second, cur cumin can lower your risk of inflammation and oxidation. Both of these are leading causes of heart disease. For instance, this is indicative through another study by PubMed central study among 121 coronary artery bypass patients. Subjects took either a placebo or cur cumin (4 grams per day) before and after the surgery. As expected, the cucumin group faced a 65% lower risk of heart attacks.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a condition causing uncontrollable cell growth. While there are various forms of cancer, cur cumin supplements can help to treat most of them. This is because it can control the growth, spread, and development of cancer cells at a molecular level. Further, cancer cell death can lower blood vessel growth in the tumours and the spread of cancer as a whole. Similarly, another study by PubMed Central finds that cur cumin can lower cancerous cell growth (in labs) and cancerous tumours (in animals).

Further, other studies show that high-dose cur cumin works better with performance enhancers. For instance, the presence of piperine can treat cancer. Most importantly, it can prevent the origins of cancer cels themselves. This is especially true in the case 0f cancers of the digestive system. For instance, a monthlong study finds that consuming cur cumin (4 grams / day) can lower the rate of lesions by 40%. Thus, cur cumin can possibly work in addition to existing cancer treatment forms.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

To clarify, inflammation by itself isn’t all that bad. Over short term, it helps your body heal, repair itself, and attack foreign bodies. In other words, it keeps you safe from the harmful effects of pathogens. On the other hand, it can turn chronic and alternatively attack your body’s own tissues. In fact, this remains a root cause for other illnesses too – such as cancer, heart diseases, or metabolic syndrome.

Thankfully, cur cumin can help you get rid of this challange. Above all, it brings nearly zero side effects, and works just as well as various anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because it turns on the NF-kB molecule which turns on inflammatory genes. Thus, it can be helpful to especially western countries, where inflammation is common.

Diabetes Prevention

The cur cumin present in turmeric can prevent and treat diabetes. In fact, it can treat both types 1 and 2, as well as diabetes kidney disease. Various studies on animals demonstrate these effects. In one study, for instance, rats with type 2 diabetes fed with a cur cumin substance (80 grams per kg of body weight) for 45 days saw a decline of both insulin and blood plasma levels. Similarly, another study among the same subject group finds that cur cumin supplements can lower blood sugar levels over a course of 2 months.

In summery, cur cumin is a powerful ingredient in warding away diabetes. This is mainly because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Further, it can also cure high sugar / fat levels in the blood and insulin resistance.  However, most of these studies are on animals or in labs. Hence, more research on human subjects can help to confirm these findings.


Turmeric is one of the most incredible roots for holistic and long term health. For instance, it boosts brain and heart health, and prevent cancer, inflammation, and diabetes. Hence, both Ayurveda and modern science suggest using this as a natural medicine. You can either consume this as turmeric supplements, or add the powder to your food while cooking.

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