16 Takeaways from the Best Detox Retreats In India

What makes life healthier and more balanced?
Can you imagine yourself less stressed? Feeling positive about your present and future?
We all want that healthy and balanced lives, free of obstructions and negativity.
But how do we achieve this state? Many Indian gurus and guidebooks lay claim to have the best methods, yet they fail to give you a complete wellness and healing experience that many Detox Retreats in India offer.
For a detox program to work, focus is key. Clearing our life of the obstacles that block good health is a multifaceted effort – Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul (BMS). It is nearly impossible to achieve a healthy lifestyle by just focusing on one area of detox. We need to retreat from the noise of the world and discover where we are, health-wise, in life. Detox Retreats in India provide highly recommended and affordable detox sessions that will take you from your toxic lifestyle into a realm of relaxation and self-reconnection.

Here’s what a detox retreat in India can offer – a lot of which you can imbibe in your daily routine at home.
FIRSTLY, Optimize – BODY
Would you believe that our bodies are naturally equipped to detoxify themselves? When age, bad habits and our surroundings leave their impact, our toxin elimination system bogs down. With key organs hampered, your body cannot cleanse itself of impurities.
So here’s how you can remove the hindrances to achieving a cleansed body.
1. Get adequate rest. By getting enough sleep the brain, we lay the foundation for the body’s natural detox system.

2. Limit your alcohol intake and protect your liver. Excessive alcohol levels cause metabolization problems and introduce carcinogens directly into your system resulting to fat build-up, liver inflammation and scarring

3. Get High on H20. Thirst quenching water is the body’s main detox vehicle, removing toxins out of the body when we urinate and sweat

Get High on H2O-Mekosha

4. Lay low on the sweets and processed food. These two are high on the list of obstacles for healthy living. Not only is it linked to obesity, cancer and a host of diseases, its negative impact levies itself on the liver and kidneys – the two main players of cleansing our body.
Switch your food focus and align it to what Mekosha serves at its Detox Retreats in India as it distances you from the tentacles of junk and processed foods. Ask for good recipes anytime and tridoshic cuisine would be sent your way. Imbibe natural fruits and learn easy ways to prepare and enjoy the best detoxifying diets.

5. Up on Antioxidants and Prebiotics, down on the salt. Too much salt blocks proper flushing of waste products in our bloodstream, making this a case of less is more. Good bacteria in our gut from prebiotics plus the added antioxidant shield against cell damage is detox must. Natural sources such as nuts, fruits and berries are more recommended than supplements.
Up on Antioxidants and Prebiotics down on the salt-Mekosha

6. Get active and get rid of the sedentary lifestyle. Adequate and regular exercise reduces inflammation and improves overall circulation, enabling the body’s natural detox system to function at its best.
Similar to a lot of Detox Retreats in India, Mekosha would transport you to the birthplace of Ayurveda and yoga, the perfect historical backdrop and location to achieve good health and balanced living. Embrace the ancient complementary practices of the region and kickstart your cleanse and renewal resolutions, where the therapy of detox juices and meals are matched with yoga and meditation.

Experience Cleansing – Emotions
A healthy emotional state allows us to experience the beauty of the full spectrum of life – from sadness to happiness. When we find ourselves overreacting or withdrawing from life changes, it is a sign of emotional clutter. Detox Retreats of India including Mekosha implement the best wholistic steps to unblock our emotions. With the perfect setting provided by Detox Retreat India, you can put aside the world and focus on cleansing and healing your inner emotions.

7. Restock and create a positive emotional space. Decide to get to know what triggers reactive emotions and unstable responses to situations. It is vital to accept where we fall short so we can clear the way for emotional groundwork.

8. Retreat and look inward. You can do this through meditation, prayer, yoga – tranquil exercises that allows you to be in touch with your feelings.

9. Release your reactivity and let go of the feelings that are stuck inside you. This can be accomplished through meditative exercises. When you achieve the tranquil state, you can focus on one emotion at a time and release it physically through humming or soft whispers and low croons. The catharsis will enable you to have a lighter and more receptive emotional state.

Unclutter – Mind
A detox of the body and emotions calls for the flushing out of toxins from the mind. In this digital age, information overload and busy schedules, we need to do clearing operations to rid of bad habits, trivia traffic in our brain and stress. These just result to lack of focus and indecision which are also obstacles to attaining physical and emotional health. Here are some tips to detox your mind and remove the blocks plaguing you.

10. Set a schedule and stick to it. Prioritize you time. Make sure you appropriate your working hours, leaving enough time for yourself to unwind. And during your “me time” choose to limit your time on social media.
Start your detox decision and make your continuing journey with the expertise and camaraderie of like-minded souls in Detox Retreat India. The harmony of nature, community, good detox practices and complementary healing will give you a boost.

11. Enrich your mind. Read books. Watch documentaries or learn new cultures. The mind is often stimulated when new and healthy activities are introduced into the daily routine.

12. Take to the outdoors. Don’t stay cooped in your cave. Take a walk or a jog to lower your stress levels. Explore the world beyond your door and open your mind to new possibilities.
Take to the outdoors-Mekosha

Gym memberships and expensive spa treatments will pale in comparison to the authentic programs from Detox Retreats in India where you can commune with nature and learn firsthand from the experts of detoxification, wellness and healing.

13. Learn to say no to negativity. Once on a mind detox, you will be painfully aware of people, circumstances or practices that will drag you back into an unhealthy state of mind. Just retreat into your convictions, take a deep breath and say “no.” The refusal to engage in the stress of the mind is intentional and deliberate.

Sense and Renew – Soul
As we get rid of the obstacles that block the health of our body, emotions and minds, we eventually come to the high point that we need to get rid of out spiritual toxins as well.

14. Reconnect with your soul. Consciously create quiet time through your practice of choice – prayer, meditation, yoga or any calming exercises and practices.

15. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and encourage others as well.

16. Stimulate and get in touch with all your inner child and senses. Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of life to eliminate the feeling of isolation – know and acknowledge that you are a meaningful part of the whole earth. This will reorient your spiritually and enable you to seek sanctity and balance.
Stimulate and get in touch with all your inner child and senses-Mekosha

Immerse in the culture of detoxification and purge your Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul from the weight of stress and anxiety from daily life. There are many Detox Retreats in India that offer affordable options and programs creating ideal retreat experiences with extensive healthy cuisine choices, beautiful landscapes and innate understanding of the time-treasured practices of detoxification, healing and life renewal. Best of all, you are in good company with Mekosha’s Detox Retreat in India. The team will provide you with all of the above coupled with Ayurveda therapies that will rejuvenate you.

Take a meaningful getaway with yourself and rediscover, rejuvenate and restore at the many Detox Retreats of India – the country that birthed Ayurveda.

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