All human beings have a spiritual dimension regardless of age. More often than not, we think that children are too young to learn spiritual lessons. However, children are always learning. They tend to pick up on the values and habits of their parents and the people around them. They are also more receptive to learning and internalizing values at a younger age. And as such, spirituality needs to be cultivated, nourished, and encouraged in children from much before in their lives.  Here are 7 spiritual tips and lessons to help your child.

Mekosha is one of the best places providing spiritual awakening tips and ayurveda treatment in India. Situated in Kerala, it is home to many of the country’s most experienced and qualified practitioners. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine based on the belief that good health and wellbeing depend on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

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So here are 6 spirituality tips and lessons to help your child:

  1. The joy of giving

There is nothing greater than knowing you made a positive contribution toward the betterment of society. As parents, your job is to make a positive difference in the world so that your children evolve and learn from these experiences. 

  1. Live in the moment

The past is unalterable and the future is unpredictable. Your kids must know that all they have is the present and that they must make the best out of it. Motivate them to be fully dedicated to whatever they do and make the most out of every minute. 

  1. Happiness is important

Every choice your child makes alters their karma (future). Sometimes the best way to make good choices is to follow their hearts. Every action has a consequence and different outcomes, but in the end, all that matters is if they are happy.

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  1. Gratitude is key

Teach your kid to be grateful for what they have and find the silver lining even in the darkest of situations. Simple habits like saying grace before a meal and a thank you before going to bed inculcate a sense of thankfulness in your child as they mature.

  1. Spiritual traditions

It is a known fact that children love listening to stories. Consider that a means of offering them global spiritual knowledge. Introduce them to diverse spiritual approaches by educating and discussing traditions and the stories behind them in detail.

  1. Faith and forgiveness

Faith will accomplish things that everyone labels impossible. During the dark times, faith will be the light that guides you and changes your future. When we let go of hurt, we remove a load off of our hearts. Teach them to be forgiving as forgiveness is more about freeing yourself than freeing others.

With children and spirituality, it is always vital to teach them that life is sacred and special. They must be taught that their presence in this world spreads happiness and joy in others. Life does not always work out the way we want to, therefore no matter what, staying positive is important during difficult times.

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