All You Need to Know About Sarsaparilla

The Sarsaparilla is a tropical plant with a firm vine and fragrant roots. It is native to rainforest canopies of American islands, such as Mexico, Jamaica, and the West Indies. Further, you can find this in many South American countries too.

Ayurveda prizes this herb for its various benefits. First, it treats reproductive health of both genders. For instance, it can boost libido and fertility levels. Second, it acts as a medicine for harmful bites (e.g. snake bites and scorpion bites). Third, it can heal gut-related problems such as stomach ulcers or gastritis. Fourthly, it can boost skin and blood health if you use this regularly.

Above all, this herb brings all your three doshas in equilibrium. Thus, it wards away illnesses and sickness. Further, it is rich in antioxidants such as tannins, saponins, and coumarin. You can consume this as an immunity-boosting refreshment or cool drink. It holds a sweetish-bitter taste.


This herb hosts plant chemicals which help the human body heal quickly and effectively. For instance, saponins can lower joint pain, skin itch, and bacterial damage. Further, other present chemicals can prevent the risk of liver damage and inflammation. These can help keep away more serious infections.

Cures Psoriasis

Both Ayurveda and modern science agree that Sarsaparilla can ward away Psoriasis. For instance, one study by Pub Med central shows that it can especially heal older persons with skin lesions. In fact, one of its key steroids known as sarsaponin binds to endotoxins which cause skin lesions. In this manner, it removes them from the body.

Cures Arthritis

This herb contains anti-inflammatory qualities. Thus, it can cure even serious inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and swelling.

Cures Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease or STI from a certain strain of bacteria. Similarly, other illnesses like leprosy are a result of similar strains. Most people use antibacterial and anti fungal creams to get rid of this. In response, sarsaparilla can get rid of harmful activity and microorganisms which cause this illness. However, you may wish to opt for stronger antibacterial or anti fungal creams if you have a more serious condition.

Various studies show the impact of this herb on syphilis. For instance, a study by Pub Med monitors the activity of 60 compounds separated from the herb. Researchers tested this against 6 bacterial types and one fungus. After that, it is evident that 18 of these acted against bacteria and one acted against fungus.

Cures Cancer

This herb can cure breast and tumour forms of cancer. In fact, various studies among mice show this as well. However, more research helps to confirm whether it can he helpful to cancer treatment and prevention methods.

Liver protection

Various studies show that this herb can enable proper liver health as well. For instance, research on rats with liver damage finds that the flavonoid-rich compounds can reverse liver damage. Further, it can also help it function optimally.

Synergist Properties

A ‘synergist’ is a herb or element which boosts the functioning of other herbs when you mix the two of them together. Sarsaparilla in particular can raise their bioavailability and absorption rates. Thus, many people use this in herbal mixes to act as a synergist.

Enables Kidney Health

Kidney damage is often a result of oxidative stress. This in itself comes from free radical and nitric oxide activity. The astilbin present in this herb contains valuable antioxidant properties. This can help you get rid of oxidative stress, and thus protect the kidneys. In fact, some studies show that it can positively effect mice with high uric acid levels in their blood. Further, its antioxidant properties can flush away impurities.

Many people also claim that it contains valuable detoxifying properties. However, these are not always a direct result of medical claims. So, make sure to check with your doctor or healthcare provider if you wish to use this as a part of a detox plan.

Skin Protection

Tha antioxidant properties present in this herb can help your skin glow. In fact, some Korean researchers wished to test the link between folktales and science, in their claims of Sarsaparilla for skin health. They find that the root can lower the oxidative process and thus retain youth. Further, it can prevent sub damage and protect collagen protection. In summery, it brings youth and health to the skin.

Muscle Mass Improvement

On one hand, you cannot use sarsaparilla alone to improve muscle mass. In other words, they do not function in the same way as anabolic steroids. Science supports this claim as well. However, many supplement blends do contain this plant since it boosts muscle mass. Make sure to consume it after working out for muscle replenishment and repair.

Possible Risks

This is typically a safe ingredient with little to no side effects. However, there are certain conditions or population groups which can increase the likelihood of risk of this plant. For instance, it is a diuretic and can increase urine output. Hence, make sure you don’t consume this while you’re dehydrated. In addition, it is best that pregnant or breastfeeding mothers avoid it to reduce complications.

Second, make sure to stay wary of fraudulent claims or misinformation. For instance, many supplement makers falsely claim that it contains anabolic steroids, such as testosterone. On one hand, it is true that lab tests can chemically synthesise these plants into steroids. However, this is undocumented in the human body. To sum up, the root itself lacks body building effects, although it may be present in supplements.

Third, and finally, be cautious of false ingredients. Remember than Sarsaparilla is different from Indian Sarsaparilla. They may have the same chemicals, but still differ chemical composition.


The sarsaparilla is a fantastic ingredient to cure ailments and illnesses. For instance, it can cure syphilis, arthritis, cancer, and psoriasis. Further, it enables kidney, skin, and muscle health. However, it may not be safe for pregnant or lactating women. In addition, you may want to avoid the sarsaparilla if you are dehydrated since this acts as a diuretic.

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