The Antioxidant-Packed Power of Amlas

The Amla has been in use in Indian cooking for centuries. In fact, Ayurveda regards this as a ‘super fruit’ or gift from the gods. You’ll find that it has a marble shape with a tough skin coating, and is bitter on the inside. Interestingly, it is both bitter and sour. Above all, it is an age-old remedy to bring health, vitality, and quench thirst.

This fruit carries high vitamin C and antioxidant levels. Further, it is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, and tannins. For these reasons, it brings multiple uses. For instance, Amla oil in aromatherapy helps with improving psychological and physical health. Second, it improves brain and nervous function on a mental level. Similarly, it wards away feelings of stress, anxiety, or fatigue. Thirdly, it boosts stomach, kidney, and liver health. Fourthly, and most popularly, this keeps your skin glowing.

Believe it or not, this is just about the surface. On other words, Amlas host a range of benefits that you’ll notice once you begin to have it regularly. So, here are some of these in detail.

Heartburn Relief

Acidity and heartburn are one of the most common digestive issues people face. Thankfully, the Amla contains properties which can relieve you of this. For instance, one month long study among 68 people with GERD shows that amla fruit tablets (1,000 mg) can reduce symptoms. In fact, the experimental group went through lesser rates of heartburn and vomiting in comparison to the placebo group.

However, more studies can help to confirm the effects of Amlas on GERD.

Anti-Ageing Properties

To reiterate, Amlas contain an incredibly high vitamin C level. Thus, this contains powerful antioxidant properties. This can prevent cell damage and retain youth. This is evident through three ways – your skin, hair, and vision.

First, due to its high antioxidant activity, amlas can help breakdown of collagen. This is a form yet flexible type of protein present in your soft tissues. Secondly, it contains some enzymes which can prevent hair loss. Thirdly, and finally, various test tube studies show that it can help get rid of age related mascular degeneration (AMD). This is because it improves eye health of cells.

Cancer Prevention

Various test tube and animal studies show that Amlas can kill various types of cancer cells. For instance, it can get rid of breast, cervical, ovarian and lung cancer forms. Most importantly, high antioxidant levels can prevent cell mutation. As a result, it can prevent growth and tumour development Further, various phytochemical (e.g. tannins and flavonoids) can prevent cancer occurrence as well.

However, there is the need for further research linking this fruit and cancer rates among humans. Still, you can add this to your diet to avail of such benefits.

Heart Health

Amlas can boost heart health in multiple ways. Above all, it is rich in antioxidants , which protects you from oxidative damage to the heart. Several animal studies, for instance, take note of this. Similarly it helps to regulate epithelial function. In fact, a study among type 2 diabetic patients finds that just 1,000 mg of amlas can improve endothelial function.

This fruit can also boost blood health. First, Over four studies by Pub Med show that amla supplements can lower blood fat levels. It can namely lower triglyceride levels, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol while lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol. Secondly, it can lower blood pressure as well. This is because it acts as a vasodilator, meaning that it widens blood vessels. In this manner, your chance of getting a heart disease goes down as well.

Finally, Amlas can aid blood health through its anti-platelet effects. This means that it prevents blood clots, which otherwise impose the risk of blocking an artery. In this manner, it can potentially cause a heart attack or stroke.

Anti-Diabetic Effects

Various animal studies show that amlas can lower blood sugar levels. For instance, one study shows that just 1-3 grams of amlas for three weeks can lower fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels. This is all the more evident in comparison with a control group. In this manner, it can prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. However, more research can help to confirm these findings.

Immune Boosting Effects

The vitamin-C and antioxidant levels in Amlas can do wonders to immunity. In fact, just one Amla contains between 600-800% of your daily vitamin needs. This can help immune health in various ways – such as through lowering of cell damage and inflammation. Best of all, it can tackle chronic inflammation, which generally reduces health. In addition, it reduces the chance of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, or heart or autoimmune illnesses.

Further, vitamin C allows the growth of phagocytes. These are special immune cells which swallow invaders. Along similar lines, these enable the growth of antibodies, which protect you from threat.

How to Eat Amlas

Traditionally, people would eat Amlas in their raw form. However, their sourness is not very appealing. Thus, it is often an addition to many Indian dishes such as dals, pickles, or soaked in syrup. Look up an ideal recipe online and stick to proportions so the sourness levels are intact.

Alternatively, you can go for Amla fruit powder or powder capsules. These typically carry 500-1,000 mg of powder per serving. You can add it to teas, drinks, or smoothies. However, there isn’t enough data regarding what dosage is most effective. So, stick to the dosage that the label tells you.

Many hair and skin products use Amlas as well. For instance, you can apply many hair and fruit oils directly for luscious hair and glowing skin. You can typically find these in your neighbouring drug store. Or if you wish, various brands selling Amla beauty products are available online or on Mekosha’s store as well.


Amlas are an amazing bite-sized fruit which packed with antioxidants. Thus, it can prevent heartburn, ageing, cancer, and diabetes. Further, it can boost immunity and heart health. You can either eat these raw or cook them in a dish. Or if you wish, be sure to buy a bottle of Amla oil for your hair or skin.

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