An Introduction to Fuller’s Earth

Do you frequently face blocked pores or breakouts? Have the regular remedies not worked? And overall, is your skin getting too much too handle? Look no further – Fuller’s earth can naturally repair and rebuild your skin.


Fuller’s earth is a clay-like substance. It contains a drying nature and can pull out oil or greasy impurities from the skin surface. In fact, it holds a long history of existence – even ancient queens would use this as a beauty product. Further, it holds mineral rich and all natural compounds unlike artificial serums and cosmetics. Thus, it remains in use even among skincare products today.

This is not just any ancient Ayurvedic remedy. It is rich in palygorskite, which retains skin tightness, suppleness, youth. In this manner, it is suitable for all skin types. Above all, it is especially useful to oily skin by removing excessive sebum. Further, it improves skin tone, complexion, and softness.

F0r these reasons, it is of use to various cleansing and cosmetic products. First, it is present in skincare products including facial masks, serums, and cleansers. Second, it can easily remove impurities in even porous hair when added to shampoos and conditioners. Third, it enables deep body cleansing through soaps and shower gels. Finally, certain forms of make up use this to reduce dark spot appearance.

Safety Levels

There are various different clays and oils which are a form of Fullers Earth. Each of these mildly vary in their composition and their form. Further, these contain 17 ingredients, all of which are typically safe to skin. Nevertheless, if your skin is generally prone to irritation, you may wish to do a patch test before applying the ingredient completely. Simply rub a small amount on your forearm and leave it on for 24 hours as a test.

However, it may not be safe for other forms of application. For instance, it may cause cause lung, eye, and skin irritation with repeated or prolonged exposure. It may also cause milder forms of skin irritation in certain people. In summery, be sure to apply small doses as a time for best results.

Acquiring Fuller’s Earth

You can find this in a range of commercial skin products. Alternatively, you may purchase the raw powered form online if you wish. In such a case, you can make your own face or hair mask. For instance, just mix the powder with water to create a paste. In addition, you may combine other ingredients to make face masks and creams. For instance, some combine this with almond milk, honey, rose water or coconut water.

However, a number of benefits of this ingredient are anecdotal and not scientifically proven. So, you may want to complement it with other skincare options. For instance, there are other more common and effective ingredients to deal with oily skin. Honey, oatmeal, and cosmetic clay can manage this oil and reduce dirt or grime levels.

Similarly, to treat sunspots and discoloured skin, you may opt for aloe or apple cider vinegar. In fact, even vitamin C rich foods such as lemon juice can naturally lighten your skin. Above all, be sure to consume enough fluids. For instance, black tea, green tea, and milk do not only hydrate your skin, but can also have a depigmentation affect.

Fuller’s Earth Versus Bentonite Clay 

Fuller’s Earth is very similar to bentonite clay. While both of these contain different types of silicates, fullers clay also contains bentonite. This is a product of old volcanic ashes. Both of these offer multiple benefits, of which high absorbency is a common property. Thus, both of these can cleanse and absorb impurities from the hair and skin.

These also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic properties. For instance, a 2014 study finds it to be effective in treatment of diaper rashes. Overall, both are advisable for hair and skin treatment, and to improve your complexion.


Fuller’s Earth is a wholesome, organic, all-natural ingredient which is beneficial to the skin. It’s various compounds keep you safe from side effects and help your skin glow naturally. Further, its dryness properties make it easy to extract pull out dirt and impurities. It is similar to other forms of treated clay or mud for skin (such as bentonite clay). However, be sure to conduct a patch test first if you have sensitive skin.

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