The Restorative Effects of Nagarmotha

Nagarmotha also goes by the names Cyprus Rotundas. It prevents free radical activity and can thus protect you from disease. For instance, it can combat a variety of ailments such as stomach disorders, diabetes, cell damage, and watery stool. Further, it can cure lung and liver illnesses. Above all, it contains a number of essential oils which can sustain long-term health.


This is one of the most basic Ayurvedic herbs. It belongs to the sedge family of plants, and is closely related to the tiger nut. However, irrespective of its benefits, it is also a pest to other plants. In fact, it infests 50+ types of crops globally and thus earns the nickname: ‘the world’s worst weed’. This requires moist, sandy, and medium soils. Thus, it thrives well in grasslands of Africa, southern Asia, and central and southern Europe.

As for the type of herb, this is a colonial plant with fibrous roots. It possesses tubers, basal bulbs, and rhizomes, all of which are safe for consumption. For instance, the rhizomes are white and fleshy with scaly leaves, which later become wiry, fibrous, and dark brown. Further, they do not grow in a single direction – either upwards or downwards. First, the ones growing upwards expand to 2-25 mm in diameter, and go by the name of ‘tuberous’ or ‘basal’ bulbs, or corns. Alternatively, the downward or horizontal ones may form a chain or single tuber.

Their leaves may be of two types. Those near the base are dark green, narrow and shiny. Alternatively, leaf sheaths are tubular and possess membranes. Connecting to this is the stems supporting the plant, which is typically tall, smooth, and triangular in shape. Although this plant bears flowers throughput the year, you will find most of them growing during monsoons. Their seeds grow through trigonous nuts or three-angled achene (nutlets).

Importance in Ayurveda

Ayurveda stresses most on the remedial nature of the roots of this plant. For instance, they hold essential oils that helps in disease treatment. They can be of use in fresh or dry forms, or as a decoction. These can heal and restore various ailments of your bodily systems.

This herb contains pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes. Further, it has a cold potency with dry and pungent metabolic properties. In this manner, it reduces obesity, skin diseases, obesity, swelling, and excessive mucus. Moreover, it serves as a digestive stimulant and can counter diarrhoea.

There are three main Ayurvedic benefits of this herb. First, it holds light and dry properties. This counters kapha excess, and high rheum levels as a result. Second, it maintains ideal body temperature by balancing pitta and vata levels in the head and chest. Thirdly, it pacifies pitta excessiveness which restores cell growth, tissue health, and organ vitalisation. Overall, it brings positive effects to the body tissues, blood, plasma, blood, bones, muscles, and reproductive fluids.


Have you been facing bodily aches, pains, and weariness? Alternatively, are one or more of your body systems prone to illnesses? Simply include this herb as a regular addition to your diet.


There are a number of ways in which this herb promotes digestion. First, it reduces gas formation in the oesophagus, which prevents bloating and constipation. Second, it contains antacid properties. This means that it maintains optimal acid formation, and thus treats indigestion, ulcers, and gastritis. In addition, it helps better nutrient absorption.

One of the biggest benefits of this herb is the presence of Mustakarishta. This helps to trigger gastric juice secretion, and thus improves digestion, appetite, and liver functions. Further, it removes ama (toxins) from the body by converting it to Amavisha. In this manner, it wards away digestive illnesses and ensures steady weight loss.

Above all, you can treat any digestive issue at home with this herb. Simply grind up the tubers to retrieve a powder. Mix 3 grams of the powder alongside honey for one serving. Consume this twice a day for at least one month.

Easy Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to lose weight quickly and easily? Nagarmotha is one of your best options. First, it houses a number of flavonoids which allow effective weight loss. In addition, it is a fibre-rich herb. So, it takes longer to digest and curbs hunger pangs.

Above all, it lowers levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in your bloodstream. This also goes by the name ‘bad cholesterol’ as it clogs up arteries and causes heart diseases. Thus, low LDL levels can improve your metabolism and enable weight loss.

Women’s Health

This herb can especially help women’s health. First, it can easily treat menstrual disorders, such as dysmenorrhea and menopause. In addition, it can help to deal with yeast and candida infections, and breast tumours. However, do not use this as a substitute to regular medicines in all cases. Make sure to consult your doctor if you face severe symptoms.

Better Lactation

This herbal formulation can help with prolactin and corticoid formulation. Thus, it helps to improve the quantity and quality of breast milk. This is especially important for babies, who rely on breast milk as their sole nutrition source. It namely strengthens their immune system and provides overall nourishment.

To use this herb for better lactation, you will need the fresh root of this herb. Simply make a paste by soaking it in water. Next, apply this on your breast. This can also relieve nipple soreness.

Fights Respiratory Issues

This herb can fight inflammation, asthma, and harmful pathogens. This makes it effective in fighting a cold and flu-like symptoms. First, it eases catarrh particles in the chest and nasal cavities. This helps your body breathe easily and expel mucus. In fact, it can even treat bronchitis and asthma at later stages.

You can prepare an easy remedy at home. Simply grind together equal quantities of Nagarmotha and beetle killer. Then, add water to the mixture to make a paste.  Consume 5 grams of this paste with lukewarm water twice a day. Eventually, your respiratory issues will become weak and vanish.


The Nagarmotha is a fantastic herb for all-round wellness. It is light, dry, bitter, pungent and astringent in nature; all of which enable tridoshic balance. These ward away a number of ailments and diseases. For instance, it fights indigestion, obesity, and lactation and respiratory issues. It also supports women’s hormonal and reproductive health. However, be sure to consult a doctor if any of these require severe medical attention.

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