Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep

Our work environments can often make us burned out or stressed. This can often reduce sleep quality. As a result, it hinders the processes of cellular repair and detoxification. Further, poor sleep can lower metabolism and cause weight gain. Therefore, it is essential to get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday for your systems to function properly.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to help your system unwind and prepare for sleep. For instance, it can get rid of multiple sleep disorders such as insomnia or snoring. Most importantly, it can help you regulate your breath, which goes hand-in-hand with bodily stretches. Take a look at these seven simple yoga asanas for good sleep.

Child Pose or Balasana

First, kneel on you mat with your toes together and knees and hips wide apart (in a v-shape). Next, exhale and bend forward with your forehead to the floor. Face your palms upwards on either side of your hips. This process widens your shoulder blades and releases tension. Alternatively, you may reach forward with your palms facing downward for a more active pose.

This pose helps to flex your internal organs and ensures suppleness. Most importantly, it stretches the spine, hips, ankles and spine, and can thus relieve back and lower neck pain. stabilise and calm your senses. Before sleep, enables calmness and stability. However, you must be wary of knee or hip injuries which may worsen with this pose.

Standing forward Bend or Uttanasana

Stand with your feet apart and exhale on a 180 degree angle, bringing your forehead to touch your knees. These can stretch out your hamstrings hips, and caves, You need not touch the floor if your cannot achieve it). Remember that the goal is to relieve next tension by providing these methods of stretching. Hence, do not overstress yourself.

There are certain tactics you can use to make this pose easier for you. First, if you are unable to touch the floor or bend your back entirely, you can place wooden blocks under your palms for support. Further, in the case of tight hamstrings, you may bend your knees slightly to let your chest rest on your thighs. When you finish, gradually lift your torso to avoid light headedness. This is a popular method when you practice yoga for good sleep.

Stand Forward Half Bend or Ardha Uttanasana

This pose is a variation of the one above. Stand a foot away from your wall and place your feet perpendicularly to the same, at a hip’s width of distance. Then, place your palms against the wall directly in front your hips. Use your arms to gently push away from the wall to lengthen your spine. To sum up, your body should be in a ninety-degree angle, with your palms face down on the wall and feet on the ground below.

You can strengthen your hamstring muscles, calves, and front and back posture with this pose. Further, it improves digestion through abdominal organ stimulation. Above all, it syncs your movement and breath which provides a soothing effect. However, there may be certain health conditions (such as back or knee injuries, or pregnancy) for which you may require variations to this asana.

Reclining Bound Angle or Sapta Badha Konasana

T9 practice this pose, lie down in your back and place the soles of your foot against each other, bending your knees. Likewise, you may deepen the pose by Moreover, you may place blocks or cushions below your knees for hip support. You may adjust your feet further away from your tailbone, or add more blocks and cushions below your knees to prevent unwanted strain. While you may experience an unneeded stretch in your groin area, this is a painless one and should not evoke discomfort.

There are a number of benefits to this angle. First, it stimulates your kidneys, bladder, and such reproductive and abdominal organs. Next, it ensures adequate blood circulation and heart health. Thirdly, it flexes the muscles of your inner thighs and knees. Finally, this can open up your hips and pelvic muscles. The soothing effect also makes this pose beneficial to menstrual health.

Legs up the wall or Viparta

First, find an empty space against the wall and lay down your mat perpendicular to it. Next, lie down with your body perpendicular to the wall. Place your feet upwards. Let your arms relax on either side of your body. You may place a pill0w or mat (after rolling it up) under your tailbone for additional support. This is a fantastic pose to relax your legs after a long day.

This pose provides maximum benefits to your hips, thighs, and shins. It regulates blood flow, alleviates menstrual cramps, and can relieve swelling in ankles or varicose veins. Further, it boosts endocrine health in both men and women. This is an especially beneficial pose to practice if you spend long working hours on your feet.

Corpse Pose or Savasana

This is one of the simplest and most relaxing Ayurveda poses. Lying back on your mat, press your knees towards your chest and inhale. Subsequently, exhale and stretch your legs away from your body. In this position, your body should be flat on the ground (quite literally, like a corpse). Make sure your tailbone is grounded to the mat.

Relax your legs and place them at a hip’s length away from each other. Release any tension or tightness, and feel calmness overcome your body. For instance, loosen up your shoulders, and place your arms to your sides with your palm facing upwards. Further, you may cover your eyes with a folded cloth to blind out light.

This pose can calm the brain, thus relieving stress or tension. Moreover, it can lower blood pressure, reducing the chance of headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Most important, be sure to pacify your sense organs by gradually moving your attention to each part of your body. Beginning with your toes, proceed gradually upwards to the tip pf your head. You will find peace and relief in the process.


Yoga is an immensely effective and rejuvenating means to calm your senses. Meanwhile, it stretches and activates muscles which provides a light workout. Therefore, it can enable sleepiness. However, you must consult a doctor prior to your yoga session in case of any bodily ailments or injuries. Take on a yoga retreat in Kerala with us to boost these benefits.

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